Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly

Green events, sustainability and being more environmentally conscious are all talking points amongst the entertainment industry right now and a topic you should get onboard with.

Below, we have highlighted some inspirational ideas on how to reduce your event’s carbon footprint and make your event more green without forfeiting the entertainment. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us too as we have choices of entertainment for eco-friendly events that you may have never thought of.

Environmentally friendly events are nothing new but are becoming increasingly popular as the impact we have on the world is becoming more of a cause for concern. Reducing the environmental impact of events isn’t straight forward but there are a few measures you could take that will steer you more in the direction of eco-friendly events.


You can learn how to make your event more eco-friendly by observing green events hosted by large institutions, brands and corporate big wigs all over the world. World-famous festivals such as Burning Man, Glastonbury and Coachella have all made a stand to become more environmentally friendly and leading market brands such as Apple, Ford and Lush are forward thinkers in terms of sustainable events and their products.


Tips on how to host environmentally friendly events

Book local and eco-friendly entertainment


Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly


At Scarlett Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best local talent to our clients anywhere around the world. If you are conscious of Greenhouse Gas emissions then cutting down on transportation is perfect to reduce your event’s carbon footprint.   


We have entertainment for eco-friendly events dotted all over the world and can always source anything you want to make your event amazing. From 100% biodegradable latex balloon installations in Switzerland to a Recycling Fashion Art Show in Portugal to the walkabout wooden couple in the Netherlands with costumes made of 100% Eco-certificate wood and their cute solar-powered scooter, we can find fascinating entertainers fore green events everywhere. 


Use technology instead of paper


Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly


Technology is quite literally at our fingertips and a fantastic way of avoiding unnecessary use of paper and printing. You can easily send email invitations, create PDFs with event details and venue layouts as well as use interactive apps at the event itself. 


We have multiple conventional entertainment options that have been fully digitalised and really set the bar high for environmentally friendly events. Photo booths and GIFs are increasingly popular at weddings through to corporate parties with completely digital content that is immediately emailed to the guests instead of being printed. Digital caricaturists are a brilliant modernised version of a classic. They also email the drawing to the guest and clients often feedback that digital caricatures look better than pen on paper as there are more colour and branding options as well as being immediately available to share online.


Host an outdoor event


Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly


Use the glorious Summer months as the perfect opportunity to take your event outdoors, but don’t forget the sunscreen. Embrace the great outdoors, a source of natural light and fresh air. These three factors alone immediately create a positive atmosphere and your guests will feel good for being outside. When the sun goes down, light a fire or make use of power-saving LED lighting.


Our acoustic and walkabout bands are perfect for eco-friendly events as they require no electricity for amplification. We can supply musicians for outdoor events that will play anything from classical and jazz music right through to the latest pop hits, stripped down. 


Promote Sustainability and eco-friendliness


Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly


If you are not sure how to make your event more eco-friendly you could promote environmental awareness to help spread the message. We have many entertainers and artists who are keen on spreading environmental messages such as our UK artist that creates light installations using recycled plastic bottles, an urban artist in Portugal that creates 3D art with recycled materials, Family-friendly junk drumming workshop in the UK and the South Wales sand artist that creates non-permanent drawings on beaches


Locally sourced food and drink


Sustainable Summer Parties - How To Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly


A key to hosting environmentally friendly events is to use locally sourced food and drink so that there is less freight involved and the guests, if not from the area, get to try local produce. Make sure you also have proper measures set-up to minimise food waste and try your very best to avoid disposable tableware. 


We have highly skilled flair bartenders and mixologists all over the world that, using your local tiple of choice, can create a spectacle and provide a top quality drinks service. There is plenty of choice for food-based entertainers like our Spanish oyster shuckers and Caviar Ladies that offer an exquisite interactive tasting service with local oysters and caviar and we have many food sculptors who will work with local produce. If you want a fancy centre-piece, book an ice sculptor. They will create all kinds of impressive works of art tailored to your specifics, including branding, and eventually, it will all melt back down to nothing as if it never happened. 



Speak to us if you want to reduce your event’s carbon footprint and we can offer support, advice and even event planning tips. We will showcase you with a selection of our entertainment for eco-friendly events and you get to choose what suits you best or appeals the most. 

__By Tom Drakett

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