Spotlight on Out of the Box Video Mapping

Spotlight on Out of the Box Video Mapping

With the rise in popularity of high tech 3D video mapping shows, debuted by Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride in 1969 and since seen everywhere from the Eurovision Song Contest to nearly every episode of America’s Got Talent; video projection is close to becoming old hat. Perhaps the closest we can come in modern society to enacting real alchemy, video mapping artists are constantly pushed to develop newer, more exciting 3D projection shows in order to compete with the flooded industry of latest technology entertainment acts. A shining star of rebellion against the cattle market of today’s projection landscape, “punk” mapping group, Out of the Box Video Mapping, have paved their own route to the top by taking a D.I.Y approach to their art. 

Spotlight on Out of the Box Video Mapping

In a testimonial by Phillips Lighting, Out of the Box were described “as if Edward Scissorhands' quirky artistic son had traded in his scissors for a beam of light" and this writeup is right on the money. Alternative in both approach and style, these self labelled “gothic futurists” combine characteristics from Victorian gothic and modern hyperspace eras into one cohesive “steampunk” inspired show. 



Producing reflective “lightmares”, our video projection artists’ dreamy performances incorporate unique illustrations, music, poetry, acrobatics, dance and physical theatre. Following the journey of a Victorian gentleman, the show’s protagonist is bombarded with waking visions of fantastical characters, inner demons, living graffiti and supernatural apparitions. Interacting with his environment, our performer chases captures and is engulfed by lights which illuminate the dark of the Dickensian London inspired staging and props. Able to create 3D video mapping shows in any location, our artist can perform acrobatic theatre in natural and manmade spaces, reacting to projected videos and available surfaces.


The self-taught, self-funded innovator behind Out of the Box Video Mapping proves to clients and audiences that creating captivating video mapping entertainment doesn’t necessarily rely on who has the highest budget or most cutting edge technology. Making the most of their creativity, eccentricity and natural talent, the artists behind Out of the Box have succeeded in designing award-winning 3D projection shows for the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering, Cirque Du Soleil and the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab. Taking audiences on a journey of discovery into obscure lands, from the inner psyche to the furthest corners of the galaxy, this multimedia light poetry show brings out the contemplative explorer in all of us. 

__By Erin Pooley-Cooper

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