Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts

In every corner of the world you will find a range of fascinating cultural dances and cultural music styles that date back hundreds if not thousands of years. These form the basis of many traditional entertainment options we are able to offer our clients and are indicative of that particular country or region. As cultural integration has risen throughout the years, and many large cities have become very cosmopolitan, we have seen a rise in very exciting cultural fusion entertainment.


What is cultural fusion entertainment? 


Cultural Fusion Entertainment is quite a broad descriptive term. Essentially, fusion is “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity” and in this case, it involves taking influences or visual references from one part of the world and merging it with another or adapting it with a completely new aspect. For example, you could have a Bollywood dance group performing in kilts to bagpipe music which would be merging traditional Indian entertainment with Scottish heritage. Sounds exciting right? Well, check out some of the amazing cultural fusion acts below that all put their own spin on a traditional entertainment option.  


Our most exciting Cultural Fusion Acts: 


Contemporary Asian Dance Trio


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts

This is by far one of the most impressive Asian fusion acts you are likely to ever encounter. The faceless dance trio wears traditional Chinese straw hats which partially become the main focal point of their performances. This is, without question, three incredibly talented street/urban dancers from Norway who have embraced quirky aspects of Chinese culture, including several mannerisms, and incorporated this into fascinating dance routines. They have devised many different routines that take a range of oriental influences ranging from traditional costumes to using Oriental audio samples and live authentic Chinese musicians.

Live Classical Dance Orchestra



Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


Famous artists and various bands have often collaborated with orchestras to bring a different dynamic to their music but this live act is completely different. We associate orchestras with classical music not dance classics. That’s where the fusion element of this act comes in. Combining one of the oldest, and still commonly enjoyed, styles of music and combining it with modern dance music, this orchestra brings together to polar opposites of the music world. 


Flamenco Video Mapping


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


Flamenco is already one of the most passionate of all traditional entertainment options. From the high-tempo music and pulsating clapping mimicked by foot tapping to the dramatic dance routines, flamenco is bursting with energy which creates a visually captivating experience for the viewer. This amazing video mapping show emphasises the dance routines with stunning visuals and adds dynamism and greater depth to the traditional folkloric performances. This act is the perfect example of cultural fusion entertainment where tradition meets technology. 


World Fusion Roaming Band


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


Cultural fusion acts don’t come much more diverse than this. Not only does our World Fusion Roaming Band embrace musical influences from Africa, Eastern Europe, India and the Orient but they dress in their own take on traditional Arabic clothing, only a little more colourful. If all of this wasn’t exciting enough, the world fusion band is also a roaming act and generally perform with the accompaniment of two circus performers who juggle and do acrobatics. They can perform anywhere whilst moving around and create a joyous atmosphere fusing circus entertainment with world music and a little humour. 


Lederhosen Breakdance Show 


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


A vast majority of Bavarian entertainment is already quite animated, especially with vast amounts of beer consumed at Oktoberfest events, but this group of dancers bring in a completely new twist. Having premiered at Europe’s biggest costume festival in Graz, Germany, this breakdance crew devised a  show dressed in authentic German lederhosen and the popularity of the act exploded afterwards. The routine starts with traditional Bavarian dancing but quickly changes into jaw-dropping breakdancing with amazing acrobatics and a beat-driven Alpine backing track. 


LED Bhangra Tron Dancers 


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


This is the perfect example of East meets West where East is the traditional Bhangra dancing and West is the technologically advanced LED costumes. Based in New Delhi, the dancers have replicated traditional Bhangra costumes using LED light strips and choreographed impressive routines along to Punjab’s most popular style of music - with a modern twist. Bringing even more to the modernisation of the traditional Indian entertainment style, they are even able to include a range of LED props like dhol drums.  


Russian Folk Dancers


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


These Russian dancers stay very true to their folkloric origins and wear some of the most beautiful picture-perfect costumes. With the intention of making this traditional folk dance accessible to today’s audiences, they have upgraded the dance. They have re-invented the costumes to be illuminated by colourful LED lights and perform all their routines to modern Russian music. For an even more imaginative twist, they also perform the routines in cat costumes as cats are an important part of Russian folklore.

Mandarin Band


Scarlett Entertainment’s Most Exciting Cultural Fusion Acts


This musical outfit breaks the mould. Rather than the conventional Asian band writing and performing English music, this is a British duo-come-trio that writes music in Mandarin. They are the first British band to produce an entire album of original material all sung in Mandarin and the first ever Western band to be nominated for an award at Taiwan’s Golden Indie Music Awards. They write super-catchy, melody-driven indie-pop and are pioneering their way in both China and the UK. 

The above are just a small selection from our huge global roster of entertainers.  


Explore our fascinating world and cultural acts to find many more fusion and traditional entertainment options. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, whatever your entertainment needs. We have an in-house production team that can design, create and deliver completely new acts and unique concepts for events all over the world. 

__By Tom Drakett

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