Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

This year Russia hosts the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the biggest of all football events with 64 matches across 12 stadiums. The Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix is in September and the country will expect an influx of international travellers visiting the country possibly for the first time. Throughout the competitions, visitors can expect a great range of non-match or race related events and a chance to experience a taste of Russian entertainment.  

As the world’s largest country, covering one-eighth of the planet’s land area, Russia is a buzzing location ripe with history, traditions, culture and innovation. More importantly, it boasts an astonishing diversity of entertainment options that can be booked to create a unique experience at events across the continent. 

As a home to at least 190 ethnic groups and sharing borders with over a dozen other countries means that Russian entertainers take influences come from all kinds of cultures which all results in a unique range of cultural entertainment options unlike anywhere in the world. 

Going beyond traditional Russian Entertainment

We are all familiar with traditional Russian entertainment options such as ballet, folk music, opera, cossack dancers and classical music. We want to share with you some of the very best non traditional Russian entertainment options that are guaranteed to amaze your guests and are a sure fire way to create a memorable and unique experience. 

We have some incredible Russian entertainers who combine heritage with contemporary visions, putting a twist on cultural entertainment, or simply use their skills in innovation to create something completely new and unheard of. Russians are after all innovative pioneers responsible for impressive achievements such as wireless radio, sending the first man into space, inventing caterpillar tracks for tanks, the helicopter, televisions and much more, so innovation is built into their culture.

Russian entertainers who crossover between tradition and innovation.

Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

Russian Folk Dancers
With picture-perfect costumes, they are every bit the essence of Russian folk culture and can be booked exactly for this. Alternatively, the girls put a spin on the act with illuminated LED costumes and even provide the same performances but dressed as cats, the most popular animal in the country. Providing stage based or impromptu flashmob style dance shows along to contemporary soundtracks with a traditional undertone, our Russian Folk Dancers are a flexible booking that enables you to provide international guests with a mesmerising cultural entertainment showcase with a twist. This visually striking traditional crossover act is perfect for creating those unforgettable memories.

Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

Contemporary Opera Diva  
A highly acclaimed songstress and popular booking for prestigious events and known for delivering a stunning live show that beautifully showcases Russian opera made accessible for modern audiences. Harvesting the best of classical opera and singing over a full orchestral contemporary backing, this Moscow-based international sensation provides a 21st century version of opera. Renowned for her ability to sing the jaw-dropping aria of Plava Laguna from the film The Fifth Element, the singer is the perfect end of soirée piece de resistance to leave guests in awe of a cultural heritage crossover performance.


Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

Female Violin Duo 
Continuing with the musical crossover theme our elegantly delivered live music show fuses classical violin with epic pop music. Completely breaking the mould of classical violin traditions, the duo is a mainstage worthy act that can add class to those luxurious VIP parties and award ceremonies. The music allows guests to escape into everything from a James Bond-like soundtrack through to a contemporary jazz medley through to a classical-pop crossover. 

Innovative Russian entertainment for a completely unique experience


Futuristic Dancers 
Making an impression and creating a lasting memory at your event is a breeze with our Futuristic Dancers. The utterly magnificent high-calibre illuminated costumes are inspired by science fiction and create an unmissable futuristic addition to any event. Emerging from a backstage or between guests, the dancers create a totally unique experience with a spontaneous dance act that is impossible to take your eyes off. 

Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

3D Tree Image Projection Show
Cutting edge Russian entertainment doesn’t come much more exciting than this. The innovative concept allows the projection of visuals onto a tree making the foliage come to life as an enormous colourful canvas. Needless to say, this has a dramatic impact and can completely transform a location into a unique event space and a perfect opportunity for social sharing as you can guarantee everyone will be taking pictures. 

Russian Entertainment for a Unique Experience

High Energy Modern Dance Show
Everyone always thinks Lady Gaga has some of the most visually striking stage wear, well wait until you see these guys and girls. The collective of dancers provides some of the slickest dance routines with a range of dramatic costumes that wouldn’t look out of place at a fashion show or on the catwalk. Looking every bit like models themselves, the dancers deliver the kind of adrenaline pumping, high energy dance shows that will even have your guests out of breath. 

A diversity of cultural entertainment suitable for all event types

Across its 17,000,000 square kilometres, the country is home to some of the world’s most iconic locations as well as an ever-growing diversity of Russian entertainers who are constantly breaking the mould of the expected. Whether playing to their cultural heritage or taking the completely non traditional Russian entertainment route, our roster of Russian artists, acts and performers is constantly growing and we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with the perfect innovative or cultural entertainment for the highest impact at their event. 


With sporting events in Russia very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, we have a fantastic range of exciting and unique sports entertainers, such as the LED Footbag Freestyle Show and Basketball Juggling Show, ready to take bookings right now.

Looking for something a little more conventional?

Our blog Traditional Russian Entertainment For Your Event In Moscow offers some great inspiration.



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