Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!

Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!

There are numerous robotic expos held around the world throughout the year, and the most widespread of which - National Robotics Week 2015 - is due to hit off in all 50 American states from the 4th April! But robots are no longer just limited to high-tech expos where tech enthusiasts show-off their designs, they are also taking over the entertainment world appearing in blockbuster films and at every kind of event: corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, night clubs, festivals and roaming events, you name it there is a robot for it! From actors dressed up as robots – with varying degrees of technicality – to real robots that have been programmed for our amusement, event planners can look forward to a vast choice of robotic acts. At Scarlett Entertainment we have an impressive roster of robots waiting for your approval – here are a few of our best…



One of our most famous robots, Titan is not shy of a bit of publicity having appeared on Big Brother, Daybreak, Gadget Show and the UK premiere of iRobot and Real Steal to name only a few appearances! Utilised by event management companies around the world to add something a little extra special to corporate parties, shopping malls, festivals, exhibitions and trade shows, Titan is an entertainment concept unlike any other. Titan can be programmed to talk to audiences in any language and speaks via pre-recorded sound samples inspired by current film and TV phrases. The ultimate brand experience tool, he can also display company branding. Standing at 8ft tall he quite literally is one of the biggest entertainers on the planet!

Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!



A smaller alternative to Titan – standing just over 5ft tall – it is possibly the world’s friendliest robot, Oscar! Utterly unique in that he can interact with guests spontaneously - talk to them about the event, compliment them on their attire, respond to their reactions and much more - he is a favourite for corporate events, trade shows and conferences. Opening the dialogue between you and your client, Oscar can also play music and run presentations, and be branded with a company logo, as well as hand out promotional materials in the form of samples, flyers and coupons. A unique little robot with a wealth of personality, he is able to capture and hold the attention of any audience and bring a smile to their faces.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!


The Show

Formed in the wake of hit TV show ‘Robot Wars’ this live robotics show recreates the thrill of seeing robots go head to head in the ultimate battle and brings it to the masses. One of the UK’s largest and most successful robotics event organisers, they pride themselves on delivering an action-packed show on all scales. Whether a large corporate event or a mini demonstration for an exhibition stand, their shows won’t fail to draw huge crowds. They can also organise corporate team building exercises where each team is given a radio-controlled robot kit with which they have to build their robot in a set amount of time! Teams are also set additional tasks and challenges before the big battle. Completely versatile this robotic show is a really unique and exciting way to enthuse and engage potential clients and delegates.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!


After Dusk


This 6ft chrome plated robot with pulsing LEDs, an HD display and burning blue vision may look like a tough bot but when the lights go down and the music comes on, he lets loose on the dance floor! This robot offers a high-impact, visually stunning, wow factor show with dual lasers that reach 40 to 100ft in range, LED lights with nine colour settings, and shining chrome bodywork. Ideal for club nights, launch nights, concerts and after dinner parties, this silent robot can entertain and engage in a multitude of ways; from light shows and dancing to playing tricks on guests and posing for photos.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!



Half man, half machine this 8ft tall robot is a one-of-a-kind attraction perfect for drawing crowds! With sleek silver bodywork, an intriguing reflective faceplate and boasting an impressive range of high-tech extras including LED lights, sound and pyro effects he is an incredible sight to behold. Although he doesn’t speak, guests can interact with him via a chest-mounted iPad, which – with camera and music visualiser – can display slideshows and client-designed applications perfect for audiences of all nationalities. Visually attractive and engaging, I-Robot is perfect for a whole range of after dusk entertainment; from night clubs and private parties to product launches and corporate events.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!


Show Bot

This incredible show robot specialises in spectacular light shows that will make any event stand out from the crowd. Over 1,000 colour changing LED lights cover the surface of the suit and a digital helmet can be programmed to display specific texts, slogans and logos, but that isn’t all this robot also totes four hand-mounted lasers and a CO2 smoke and confetti canon. His high-impact performances will inspire audiences at club nights, private parties and product launches. He can get up on stage or mingle with the crowds, whatever your event there is no doubt that he will leave a lasting impression.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!




This robot might look a little familiar if you’re a fan of the a particular huge movie franchise. An impressive and authentic replica of an iconic character, this robot’s costume is handmade by a talented costume designer and pays close attention to detail portraying all the complexities of the suit as seen in the films. Bright yellow, with hundreds of LED lights for evening events and a powerful PA system this 9ft bot is a real crowd drawer. Operated by a professional performer, he is also a master socialiser and will mingle with crowds and pose for photos. The costume can also be customised to display logos and text on an illuminated 24inch screen making it a great choice for corporate events as well as conventions and public events.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!


Dancing Robots 

These dancing robots have a slick tech look and appear incredibly realistic in futuristic white costumes complete with helmets! Their costumes can also be customised to display a company logo on the front or back of their suits. Available with two to eight performers, they are great as a roaming act and can interact with spectators at a whole host of events from trade shows to street festivals. But don’t forget these are dancing robots – they can perform highly choreographed hip-hop dance routines in amongst the crowds or on stage, as well as teach fun interactive dance workshops.


Robots Are Taking Over The Entertainment World!

For a full list of our robot acts take a look at a our website.



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