Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

A competitive sport that arose out of herding cattle has since gone on to involve horses, bulls and other livestock. A dangerous sport that consists of a rider taking on a bull or horse and holding on for as long as possible as the animal tries its best to buck the rider off. A sport that is based on the skills required of cowboys, rodeo and the Wild West have become a popular event choice all over the globe as guests get stuck into line dancing, bucking broncos, country and western music, lassoing and sliding into some knee high cowboy boots. 

An extremely fun and exciting event theme that has a multitude of party ideas and opportunities to astound guests – Western themed events are a great excuse to don your best cowboy hat, boots, chequered shirt and denim. In addition to a fantastic costume theme Wild West events are a brilliant way to kick back and enjoy some all-American culture whether you are watching a lassoing cowboy or line dancing with professional dancers, there are so many opportunities to excite your guests at your rodeo themed event. 

Here are some quick party ideas to get your rodeo themed event off to a strong start…

Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

Bucking Bronco

Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

The staple piece to throwing a rodeo inspired event is having a bucking bronco simulator! Watch as your guests take on the bull, gripping on for dear life, this is a hilarious game that is guaranteed to leave your guests in fits of giggles as one by one they take on the infamous Bronco. This is brilliant for any rodeo event as it is highly interactive and guaranteed to entertain your guests for the entire event! Instantly setting the scene and the perfect alternative to riding real life bulls! This Bucking Bronco not only proves a challenge to most but will add to your event décor.

Wild West Equestrain Show

A high energy, highly skilled Wild West themed equestrian show that features a female team of professional riders who all have backgrounds in acting and racehorse training. Watch as our riders perform incredible routines on the back of their horses – a brilliant addition to any rodeo themed event that will have your guests crowding round to see this incredible show. Featuring authentic Wild West costumes our riders and talented horses are perfect for rodeo themes as they bring the theatre to the bullring in an immensely engaging routine of dance and horse riding.

Cowboy Rope Tricks

Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

The perfect addition to any rodeo – watch our rooting tooting cowboy whip your guests into amazement with his unique talent for remarkable rope tricks. Be amazed as this cowboy performs fast paced routines, lassoing the rope over and around himself as he creates mesmerising shapes in mid air using nothing but his rope! Our cowboy rope trick is the ultimate entertainment for any rodeo themed event as this western act is guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone in the room and whip your event into shape.

Cowgirl Diablo Performer 

Arguably the world’s best female Diabolo juggler this high energy performer will bring the wild to the west to your event with this dynamic and exciting performance. A world record holder who can perform juggling tricks with up to four diabolos combines remarkable stunts that are guaranteed to leave audiences and guests astounded. A dynamic entertainment choice that works wonderfully at rodeo themed events, our juggling cowgirl will shake up your event with her incredible routines and brilliant costumes.

Get in Line

Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

Line up with our excellent female line dancers as they come dressed head to toe in full cowgirl attire, creating an instant buzz around your rodeo event. Watch as all of your guests line up next to our cowgirls and get into that all-American rodeo spirit, dancing the night away. Not only are our line dancers fantastic for getting your guests moving but they also offer fantastic photo opportunities and can mix and mingle with your guests ensuring that everyone is having a fabulous time. 

Country and Western Band


No Rodeo is complete without an authentic all-American country and western band. Providing an exhilarating combination of hip-shaking country anthems infused with outlaw-swagger and feel good country tracks this vibrant western band is guaranteed to get your guests dancing their cowboy boots off to their incredible country music. Country and Western bands are extremely effective for rodeo themed events as they create a feel good atmosphere and transport guests to the Wild West, no matter where in the world they are. 



Quick Tips for Your Rodeo & Wild West Event Entertainment

So there you have some quick entertainment ideas for your rodeo themed event that are guaranteed to have your guests dusting off their cowboy boots and taking on the Bucking Bronco in no time. 


A highly entertaining event theme that incorporates feel good music, dancing, competitive sports, amazing showcases and impressive stunts that will keep your guests entertained for the entire event. There is no question as to why this event theme is so popular as the possibilities of what you can do are endless!


If you want to find out more about rodeo themed events or if you are looking to host your western inspired event, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +1 702 563 4452. 

__By Charlotte Russell

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