Q&A With our Hottest Up & Coming Band: Myth Of Unity

Q&A With our Hottest Up & Coming Band: Myth Of Unity

Myth of Unity is a fresh young band of talented musicians and singers who are making waves in the music scene with their energetic urban pop performances. Now one of our exclusive acts, we thought it was about time you got to know them a little better, and what better medium to do this than an intimate Q&A!

How did you guys all meet?

Callum: Well, we all had mutual friends and we’d all been in bands before. Trix was doing his rapping and Missy was in a 70s style band, and we just sort of had an idea of a concept we wanted to do and we got together and it just sort of seemed to gel right away.

Tell us about your performance & music style.

Trix: Our performances are always high-energy and exciting and obviously we like to please the crowds. We all bring something a little bit different to the table.

We love the Myth of Unity covers of current music- how do you decide which song to cover?

Missy: If we really like a song we’ll cover it because we like it, but usually we look at the charts and see what’s big because we always want to cover songs that people really like.

Callum: People give us suggestions quite a lot, on our page and our. Also as I’m a DJ in a club as well, if I get the same songs requested quite a few times I’ll start thinking right we need to cover that track!  You can always tell.

What song do you find most fun to perform?

Callum: We’ve got a remix of ‘I Need A Miracle’ and that track just seems to be known by every generation.  It’s a remix of it as well, so the younger kids like it and that just seems to be one of our best tracks to perform.

Missy: That’s a guaranteed floor filler.

Callum: We always know we can do that one and it’ll get everyone jumping.

Q&A With our Hottest Up & Coming Band: Myth Of Unity

What can audiences expect from a MOU set?


Callum: It never gets boring, there are never any long gaps, we always make sure we keep it up track after track. There’s mashups, there’s dancing, all sorts of different things.


You’ve performed with some big names like Dappy, Labrinth, Wretch 32, and Katy B – which has been your favourite big name to perform with and who would you like to perform with next?


Missy: I’d say it wasn’t a favourite person it was a favourite group, it was Little Mix at the Blackpool Illumination. They were absolutely amazing. Obviously we’d love to perform with anyone but I guess we’d have to say Drake, Craig David, Clean Bandit… there’s too many.


Callum: We’ve all got so many different influences. I know Missy would love to perform with Britney Spears…


Missy: I mean any girl would!


Callum: I just know that we’ve got such a wide range that we could probably support any top 40 act and do well.


What’s it like backstage just before you get called on to perform?


Callum: We don’t do anything weird…


Missy: I know what we do! We do this thing where we jump up and down on the spot and then there’s this minute just before, maybe 30 seconds, where we just go quiet, we just go deadly quiet and then we just go on stage and it’s like going into a different body, we just go crazy. (laughs)


What has been your favourite performance to date?


Callum: I’d say it was a Christmas light switch on that we did ages ago. It was our first ever gig, we’d only been together for about 3 months and we’d never been in front of a crowd of more than 300 people before and all of a sudden we were in front of 2,000 people and we just realised that that was just definitely what we wanted to do.


Missy: That has to be our favourite gigs.


You were recently flown out to France for a VIP wedding- how did that go?


Callum: That was awesome, getting to travel and the bride and groom were so nice as well.


Missy:  They were a young bride and groom really into their current music so we went down really well with them.


They were having their dinner so we started off with a chilled out set and then we did a song they requested for their first dance, which was a slow version of ‘Titanium’ by Sia. Then when they’d finished the meal and the party started we did more of a hip hop dance, we did our mashups as well, and everybody was loving it.


Callum: We tailored it to them because we know that people want different sorts of things. So we actually have different versions of the same tracks. So say we were playing earlier on in the day we would play our slow version of tracks, live session style ones, and then later on we could play our remix versions. So whatever situation we are in we can always make it work with different songs.


Q&A With our Hottest Up & Coming Band: Myth Of Unity

You are getting lots of requests to perform for young corporate fashion and tech brands - why do you think the corporate crowd loves your performance?


Callum: I just think it’s something different, it’s something fresh. I think a lot of cover bands can be a little bit cheesey or a little bit samey, but I think we manage to switch it up. We’ve got a rapper so it brings that sort of urban side to it and obviously our singer has got pink hair so she sticks out. (laughs)


Missy: You had to mention that. (laughs)


Callum: But also obviously I DJ so it’s always good if you send us down to an event. Like we did a corporate event for a super car company called BAC Mono, we actually performed for the Christmas party, and it was inside the actual factory so we hosted the whole night. We did a Myth of Unity set that was broken up throughout the whole night.


Missy: 8 hours!


Callum: Yeh 8 hours, I DJed through the gaps. So obviously with my DJing we can make our performance last as long as we need it to last.


Offering the full package of entertainment Myth of unity has become a firm favourite with corporate clients, festivals and weddings. So much more than a top 40 or covers band, their edgy style, polished urban pop sound and endless energy makes for performances that are guaranteed to be remembered.


To find out more about booking Myth of Unity for your event get in contact with their personal booking manager Becky Leah on 01626 572150.

__By Alanna Bestwick

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