Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

Celebrated on the 2nd of December, the UAE National Day marks the day that the United Arab Emirates first came into being in 1971. On this day, every year since then, Emiratis come together to celebrate this special occasion with food, friends, family, entertainment and spectacular fireworks displays that can be seen in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. Popular activities are held in top locations such as the Yas Marina, Emirates Palace, Globe Village and the Mall of Emirates.

UAE National Day Entertainment for your celebrations

Whether you are having a private party, taking to the streets, hiring one of the UAE’s many luxurious venues to host a corporate event or wanting to entertain dinners at your restaurant over this cultural celebration, you can count on us to find the best UAE National Day Entertainment especially for you. 


With traditional musicians, sensational dancers, cutting edge entertainment ideas, walkabout performers and Arabic bands for hire in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Fujairah.  You can count on Scarlett Entertainment to find the right act for your UAE National Day Celebrations. 


Using our knowledge and expertise, we can source the best traditional Arabic entertainment from our hundreds and hundreds of talented acts throughout the region. We can provide you with themed UAE Entertainment such as an act that dresses in or uses the flag’s red, green, black and white colours. The flag and its colours are of huge significance in the UAE and an extremely important symbol to have at your event. Here is a little breakdown of the meaning of the colours.


  • Green stands for hope, joy, optimism and love as well as prosperity
  • White represents peace, honesty and cleanliness
  • Black stands for the defeat of enemies and strength of mind 
  • Red means hardiness, bravery, strength and courage. As this colour is vertical on the flag, it binds all the other meanings together in unity. 


Our top UAE National Day Entertainment Ideas:

1. UAE Entertainment using the colours of the flag 

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

As the colours of the flag have so much significance we can offer clients a range of really exciting UAE colour themed entertainment options. This doesn’t have to be traditional Arabic entertainment, in fact it is better if you can offer your guests something new and unique as they are more likely to remember it. That’s where we come in. 


The flag can easily be incorporated into any performance or show as demonstrated earlier this year, when we used our Water Jetpack Performers to create a show for the celebrations of the 46th Dubai National Day. During their fascinating acrobatic water show, they proudly held up the UAE flag. Acts like the Flag Dancers are a fantastic choice of UAE National Day Entertainment as they can actually perform using the genuine UAE flag.


We have lots of UAE Entertainment talent that can be appropriately themed to the colours of the flag like our stunning Colour Burst Parade. This is a truly wonderful walkabout act that combines both ground performers and stilt walkers. Each of the mix and mingle entertainers is dressed in monochromatic costumes with over 100 coloured balls attached to them. There are seven performers in all and if you take away the blue, yellow and orange costumes the remaining four are the exact colours of the UAE flag. 


2. Traditional Arabic Entertainment with Live Musicians

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

Part of the emphasis of the annual National Day is to celebrate cultural heritage. There is no better way to do this that by choosing one of the superb musicians or Arabic bands we have for hire to entertain your guests with authentic sounds that originate from the Middle East. 


We have Arabic bands for hire throughout the whole region and a vast range of local musicians that play specialist instruments such as the Oud*.  Authentic live music Middle Eastern is great because of its use of acoustic instruments meaning it can be almost performed anywhere without amplification. 


In Dubai, we have a group of musicians who play traditional Arab music. They will tailor a line-up to perfectly suit your event an use instrumentation such as the Darabouka, violin and oud. They are by far one of the most flexible traditional Arabic bands for hire in the UAE.


If you seek traditional Arabic entertainment for a more intimate environment or during a meal, solo acts such as the Oud Player & Singer are guaranteed to impress with background music that create a welcoming atmosphere but isn’t overpowering.


3. Hire Arabic Dancers for Your UAE National Day Entertainment

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

The Gulf and, more broadly Middle East, has a rich cultural history with many significant dance styles that date back hundreds of years. Traditional Arabic entertainment is an important part of the culture and most definitely something to consider for your National Day celebrations. 


We have a vast range of dance acts that can accompany the Arabic bands for hire in the UAE. They will create a spectacle of traditional Arabic entertainment and it is the perfect way to delight your guests with something authentic. 


Zaffa Dancers, as pictured above, although heavily associated with weddings, are an extremely popular entertainment option in Arabic culture. This production team can deliver a range of performances ranging from huge stage shows to small sword displays. 


Alternatively, you can create something completely unique for your event with these outstanding Flash Mob Dancers. In this video, you can see they have choreographed an installation for the Emirati Women’s Day using appropriately costumed performers and they are available in traditional outfits to break out in impromptu dancing at your event or party. 


4. Combine The Festive Season and National Day Entertainment 

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

UAE National Day celebrations are so close to the festive season and it is now more common to find festive themed entertainment during the cultural festivities. Afterall in Western culture, we like to get our Christmas spirit going as early as we can and this is now catching on in the UAE.


Top of your list is the main man himself, Santa Claus. An internationally recognisable character perfect for roaming entertainment and engaging with children throughout the National Day celebrations and throughout December with his grotto. You may also want to consider festive themed entertainers for you National Day Celebrations like the Toy Soldier Marching Band or Nutcracker Themed Characters who will all bring the festive season spirit to your event. 


If you want to create more of a show, even if accompanying some of your more traditional Arabic entertainment, the Christmas Light Poi Performers are based in Dubai and ready to light up your event. 


5. Outside The Box Entertainment Ideas for Your National Day Celebrations

Planning a celebration for UAE National Day: 5 of our top entertainment ideas

Your special event will be more impactful and memorable if you are imaginative and consider an alternative to traditional Arabic entertainment. At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves in offering our clients some of the most unique contemporary entertainment options in the whole world. Many of these can be tailored to fit an event theme and become your stand out UAE National Day entertainment. We know that event entertainment is about making a lasting impact and to stand out using the newest entertainment concepts in the region creates an unforgettable experience.


We have a fantastic contemporary Arabic calligraphy artist who paints using light and these can be used as beautiful backdrops for photos. He is able to fully tailor his text and use Emirati related colours. The result being something your guests will have never seen or experienced before and they are perfect for sharing on social media.


Our UAE Helium Balloon Aerial Show can have custom graphics projected onto the huge inflatable balloon for everyone to see for miles. This part static installation, part acrobatic performance would be great for your outdoor events prior to the fireworks display. In keeping with a similar concept, the Projection Screen Aerial Piano can also have video footage or images such as the UAE flag screened onto the vertical piano. The pianist actually plays live whilst hanging over the crowd and is something completely unique and unusual. 



With on-site experts in our Dubai Office and thoughtful experts in our global offices, you can count on us for all your UAE entertainment needs. Please contact us (link) whatever your event is and whatever stage you are in your planning.


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