Paris: The Capital of Romance

Paris: The Capital of Romance


Ah, l’amour! Paris, renowned as the city of love, remains one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and with the wine flowing and the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background, it really is no wonder! There are certainly no lack of romantic pastimes available throughout the city for visiting lovers, whether it be riverside walks, sightseeing, fine dining, or something more unusual, and with many beautiful and historical locations, it’s hardly surprising that Paris is a top destination for romantic getaways and marriage proposals. With its own museum dedicated to romance, a wall of ‘I love you’s in 250 different languages, and the famous love lock bridges, Paris has really and truly cemented its reputation as the most romantic city in the world.

There are of course many factors that contribute to this reputation, so here is a look at some of the reasons why this city continues to serve as a focal point for all things related to love.


Romantic Rendezvous


As the number one romantic getaway destination, Paris, of course, caters its hotels to the lovers that flock to it from all corners of the globe, offering lavish rooms, chic love nests, and quirky hideaways to suit all tastes. Couples can experience royal treatment in the luxurious suites of the historic palace hotels, complete with all the necessities for a truly decadent stay, such as crystal chandeliers, king-size beds, antique furniture and marble baths. There are also plenty of designer boutique hotels, which are a more recent addition to the Paris hospitality sector. These accommodate all manner of quirks and fantasies with their whimsical themes - as conceived by celebrity designers - and their friendly but discreet staff who are always on hand to ensure that every couple’s visit is the best it can possibly be.


The Food of Love


Famed for its cuisine as much as its romance, Paris has a culinary culture to rival most, so much so that the act of enjoying gourmet food in good company is now recognised as French cultural heritage. Wining and dining are so intrinsically linked with romance though that, of course, this only bolsters Paris’s reputation as the city of love further, and with over 6200 unique eateries to choose from, lovers are spoilt for choice in this hedonistic metropolis. The romance doesn’t end with the restaurants though, as the city is packed with vendors selling incredible street food for couples to coyly share, a plethora of bakeries offering sweet treats, and of course the patisseries with their world-famous macarons. If none of this suffices, there is always the classic option of a picnic atop a red-checked blanket, looking out at the beautiful city with a glass of wine in hand.


A Pleasure-Seeker’s Paradise


Parisians see no shame in self-indulgence, and thus the city has a mantra of pleasure for pleasure’s sake. There are several couples-only clubs around Paris for the more adventurous, and spas throughout the city offer couples’ treatments in private rooms, with a range of sensuous options to choose from including a full body chocolate massage. Lingerie boutiques add to the amorous atmosphere that permeates the city, gracing every high street with their flamboyant and totally unabashed window displays of all things lace, silk and ribbon.


Picture Perfect


There’s no denying that visually, Paris serves as an amazing backdrop for visiting sweethearts. With its iconic monuments, gothic churches, winding cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture, Paris truly is for the lovers. To take it all in, one of the best ways is to explore the city on foot, and there are an endless amount of romantic walks to be had amongst the many pedestrian passages and gardens. Couples can forget the map and stroll hand in hand along whichever path takes their fancy, with each new side street leading to hidden gems like an antique bookshop, a designer boutique, or perhaps a vintage perfumery. Walking is not the only way to appreciate the sights and sounds of the city of lights though, with dinner cruises on the Seine, horse and carriage rides, and tours in chauffeur-driven vintage Citroens all amongst the possibilities.


French Kissing


With a reputation for romance, all things love-related are of course openly celebrated throughout Paris, to the point where public displays of affection are not just accepted within the city, but actually admired. Lovers holding hands, cuddling on park benches, or sharing a kiss in public are all to be rejoiced in, and so pro-romance is Paris in fact that you can even purchase a guidebook detailing all the best places around the city to lock lips!


The Top Proposal Spots Around Paris


Tempting though it may be to whisk your beloved to the top of the Eiffel Tower for that tried-and-tested romantic proposal, the reality of the situation is that it’s going to be windy, packed with tourists, and ultimately, rather clichéd. Instead, why not opt for one these alternative locations, each one a fantastic setting that offers romance and beautiful memories in abundance.


Sacré-Coeur Basilica


As the highest point in the city, the Sacré-Coeur offers a stunning panoramic view of Paris, making it a fantastic place to propose. Sunset is a particularly beautiful time to visit if you can, as the setting sun casts the entire city in a magical light right in front of you. There are also plenty of beautiful gardens within the grounds, with weeping willows, roses, and gothic sculptures throughout, and with the bustling streets of Montmartre close by there are no end of bars and cafes in which the two of you can celebrate afterwards.


Pont des Arts


Known as the most enchanting bridge in Paris, the Pont des Arts offers beautiful views of the city, overlooking the Ile de la Cité and serving as a wonderful place to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. A pedestrian bridge that leads to the Louvre, it has a charming tradition amongst lovers and is famous for its love locks, with couples attaching them to the barriers and throwing the key into the Seine below. This, along with the legend that any lovers who share a kiss on the bridge will be happy together forever, makes it an ideal spot to propose to that special someone.


Square René-Viviani


A more secluded proposal spot, this picturesque garden square is a 5-minute stroll from the striking Notre Dame, and in fact offers one of the best views of the cathedral in the entire city. Filled with sunny park benches, weeping willows, beautiful flowers, garden arches and walkways lined with trees, this setting couldn’t be much lovelier. For an extra special touch, the square is also home to the oldest tree in Paris, perhaps symbolising enduring love as your partner accepts your proposal.


Chateau de Versailles


The decadence of the palace and gardens of Versailles makes this an ideal location for a proposal, with the extravagant chateau boasting over 700 rooms of opulent luxury for you to explore, and the spectacular gardens serving as one of the finest examples of French garden design in the country. To take in the sights of the huge estate, you can rent bikes to get around on or hire a paddleboat for two on the canal. The vibrant town of Versailles is also worth a visit, with plenty of celebration points to choose from after you’ve popped the question.


Parc Monceau


In the middle of the bustling city, this charming garden provides peace and tranquillity and is perfect for an intimate proposal. The English style gardens are filled with a wide variety of exotic trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as statues and structures from around the world, including a Venetian bridge, a Dutch windmill, and Corinthian pillars, making it a wonderfully picturesque spot for you to surprise your partner in.


Entertainment Ideas For Your Paris Proposal


In order to create a truly incredible wedding proposal, why not hire one of our world-class acts to make it as unforgettable an occasion as possible. With the most romantic city in the world for a backdrop, and with quality entertainment for accompaniment, your special moment is sure to be perfect. This selection of carefully chosen acts in and around Paris is the ideal starting place if you are planning your dream proposal.


Accordionist Paris


Well, you are in France after all! Treat your sweetheart to some authentic French musical entertainment whilst you are down on bended knee with our fantastic accordion player. He is well versed in classical pieces with an extensive repertoire to choose from, as well as offering his own original compositions too, and will set just the right tone for your Parisian proposal.

Harpist Caroline


For classical romance, you can’t go wrong with our wonderful harpist Caroline, based in Paris. A beautiful sounding instrument that creates an enchanting ambience wherever it is played, the harp is an ideal complement to a wedding proposal, and Caroline works hers with true finesse. Available to perform solo or with violin and/or vocal accompaniment, Caroline is certain to help you create a truly special moment.


Paris: The Capital of Romance

Photographer Carl


Known for creating memorable images, our French photographer Carl is the perfect person to have on hand for your proposal in Paris! What better way to remember this life-changing event than with beautiful photos, expertly captured by Carl to ensure the cherished moment never fades.


Paris: The Capital of Romance

Swing Jazz Band Paris


Surprise your future spouse with a soulful rendition of their favourite song whilst you pop the question, with our fabulous swing and jazz band based in Paris. With a sophisticated, retro feel to their performances, this group create the perfect ambience for a proposal and offer various line-ups to suit your requirements.


Paris Violinist Sarah


Elegant and understated, violin music is the ideal soundtrack to a classy marriage proposal. Our superb Paris based violinist Sarah is classically trained and able to perform pieces in a variety of genres and styles, as well as in various ensembles, guaranteeing you a romantic moment to treasure forever.


Paris: The Capital of Romance

Live Event Painter Nice


For a truly unique and special memento of the moment you become engaged, our live event painter Marta can provide you with a spectacular watercolour created there and then. By painting a montage of events as they unfold, she perfectly captures the ambience and emotion of the moment, offering you a wonderful piece of artwork to remember your proposal by.


Paris: The Capital of Romance

Hopefully this has given you a valuable insight into the wonderful selection of entertainment we have on offer for proposals in Paris. For more entertainment ideas contact Scarlett Entertainment’s Team France, or follow them on Twitter at @scarlettent_fr.


__By Beki Polding

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