Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

With the summer heat making itself known what better time to talk about our favourite ice cream vendors for events?

Novelty ice cream carts have become all the rage in recent years, from converted vans to ice cream tricycle hire. Catering to a whole range of themes as well as a whole range of taste buds, portable ice cream carts are an original way to bring this much loved sweat treat to event attendees no matter the occasion. 

We’ve listed a few of our favourite to help you cool down before you get down to event planning. 

Without ice-cream there would be darkness and chaos” – Dong Kardong 

The vintage ice cream van

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

Modelled on the traditional British ice cream van, which can still be found parked up in some of the UK’s top tourist destinations, this stylish blue and white vehicle will look absolutely darling at your event! 


Complete with cute bunting and table and chair set, (as well as a range of other thematic props), this vintage ice cream van serves luxury award-winning ice cream from a traditional diary farm in Devon. Five classic flavours are on offer to tingle your taste buds.


If you want to really personalise the ice cream experience, tubs can be customised to reflect your event theme, as can the van itself!


If you like ice cream, why stop at one scoop? Have two, have three. Too much is never enough.” – Morris Lapidus


Nitro ice cream 

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

From vintage to the future, these Nitrogen ice cream pods are anything but your traditional ice cream vendor!


Housed in glass pods with futuristic colour changing LED lights, these liquid nitrogen stations create delicious ice cream on the spot for guests to enjoy. Each batch produces 20 servings so you needn’t worry about anyone missing out. 


Flavours range from classics like mint and toffee to more unusual taste sensations like curry, we’ll let you make the decision. 


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s kind of the same thing.” - Unknown


Custom flavours created on the spot

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

The main reason behind our love for this cute little ice cream buggy is the two professional ice cream chefs that accompany it who can craft custom flavours on the spot for guests to try.


Able to create two different flavours at any one time, the choices include: salted caramel cookie, blueberry pie, and even dark port and Stilton if you’re feeling really adventurous! A gin and tonic sorbet is also on offer for the gin lovers our there.


The whole Steampunk aesthetic of this ice cream buggy is intricately wonderful; dark green leather, polished copper and black metal work. It’s powered by steam and has a top speed of six miles per hour!


If you want something static, this same design is also available as an ice cream parlour.


A balance diet is an ice cream in each hand" - Unknown


The ice cream tricycle

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

Novelty ice cream carts in the form of mobile tricycles are a hugely popular choice for events and are also incredibly versatile!


With the ability to cycle the entire cart to different locations these really are incredibly mobile and perfect if you have a large event that would benefit from the tricycle changing location throughout.


This is our psychedelic 1960s themed ice cream tricycle – its bright colours are perfect for summer. Although a whole range of other themes are also available, from 1930s to traditional Italian! Whatever fits your event and theme.


This particular vendor can offer its clients 232 ice cream and sorbet flavours, including 41 cocktail sorbets, served in either tubs or a plain / chocolate / hundreds and thousands wafer cone. Delicious!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” - Unknown


No frills, just delicious ice cream 

Novelty Ice Cream Vendors That Were Made For Your Event

Now this ice cream bicycle is unlike any of the others for perhaps the most unlikely reason – gone are the frills and accessories. Its simplistic design and compact nature is perfect for events that want delicious ice cream served in a more understated way.


The bike can be branded with banners, logos and messages that won’t be competing with any bunting, copper pipe work or parasols for attention. Able to stock up to eight different flavours at any one time (the bike can be restocked from the van when running low), it can easily cater to large crowds.


Versatile, compact and easily mobile this no frills ice cream bicycle is perfect for corporate events, large out door events and private parties!


It’s a grave error to assume that ice cream consumption requires hot weather” – Anne Fadiman


Whether the height of summer or the depths of winter there is something wonderful about ice cream! One of the world’s favourite sweat treats and desserts, having a mobile ice cream vendor at an event is always guaranteed to be a huge hit with attendees of all ages. After all a love of ice cream is something that you never grow out of.


All the ice cream vendors mentioned in this article are based in the UK. If you’d like us to source similar options for your event in a different location, get in touch with our experienced entertainment coordinators who will be happy to help! 



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__By Alanna Bestwick

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