Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

How many times has someone in a fancy dress costume attempted to hand you a flyer or promotional leaflet? Chances are you took little notice and probably discarded the flyer without really paying attention to it. When was the last time you saw something that made you go “wow!” and made you associate that moment with a particular product or brand? The latter is really what we want you to think about if you want to make an impact with entertainment at your promotional event. Hosting a promotional activity can be rather daunting in terms of engaging with potential clients. However, using entertainment in your marketing can really pay off.

In recent years entertainment has played a really important role in branding and promotional activities. More and more big companies now appreciate the success of using entertainment in marketing and realise it’s true potential. From PR stunts to brand launches to subliminal advertising, the wide and varied world of entertainment is ideal for capturing audiences attention and showcasing a product or business whether the viewers realise it or not. 


Digital Entertainment


We are in an era of cutting edge technology so why not make the most of using this medium as entertainment for promotional events? The choice of digital entertainment is getting more and more fascinating as every day goes by. Therefore, the chances of delivering your audience with something they have never seen before are very high. Where traditional entertainment may bring a sense of familiarity, digital entertainment brings a sense of wonder, amazement and intrigue. You can count on many of our digital entertainers to captivate viewers attention and this should be where you seize the opportunity to infiltrate your marketing.


The Virtual Reality Live Painting is a fresh and new concept in which the artist creates 3D art out of nowhere as the audience watches either on a screen or using VR goggles. As the audience is immersed into a virtual reality world, this is the perfect opportunity to use the moment for your brand or product launch.


You can also take your digital entertainment in and amongst your audience with no boundaries or limitations enabling you to spread awareness of your brand much further afield. The 3D Interactive Projection is an innovative concept that essentially uses a handheld device to project HD imagery of your choice. This includes bespoke 3D animations as well as logos and messaging. The fully mobile entertainment option can cast projections on walls, floors, ceilings and just about any surface of your choice.


Celebrity Lookalikes 

Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

Nothing quite grabs the media’s attention more than a celebrity appearance, especially if totally unexpected and at an unlikely event. Celebrities are often endorsed by certain brands and make regular outings at specific occasions so why not do the same? Hiring Brad Pitt to come to the launch of your new product might be a little bit of an unachievable goal but using celebrity lookalikes is your key to guaranteeing a frenzy of amateur paparazzi (i.e. your attendees) snapping away and hopefully capturing your branding in the process. Even the slightest glimpse of celeb is enough to get people talking, sharing photos on social media and you could end up with a trending story.


We have already provided lookalikes for several promotional events. The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lookalikes were booked for Fashion’s Night Out in Amsterdam, our Michael Jackson Tribute was used in a commercial and many others have been booked for meet and greets at various corporate, private and promotional events all over the world.


Remember, the lookalikes don’t have to talk, they don’t have to interact, they just have to be there, even if just for a very short period of time. You should ensure that during their appearance there is ample time for them to be located by your product or branding so that this is captured in photos. We have an endless list of celebrity lookalikes to pick from Morgan Freeman, Boy George and Johnny Depp to Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga and even the Queen. Here are a few of our favourites.


Sporting Entertainment

Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

We have already talked about why sports freestylers are so effective in marketing, advertising and PR campaigns. They are incredibly successful tools, but we won’t tell you about that again, instead we’ll focus on some other sporting options. The world of sports is huge. More than half the world’s population are into sports in some form or another and as you must be well aware branding, logos and slogans are everywhere. Sponsorship deals mean players have logos on their kits and paid advertising plasters banners all over sports events spaces. The question is; how do you get people to take notice? How can your marketing stand out above the rest. The answer is simple. Use entertainment. Either visual or interactive.


Take the Interactive Sports Wall, a wonderful interactive entertainment option suitable for all types of sporting and family friendly events and appeals to all ages. Not only is it a fun activity that anyone can get involved with, but the whole facade can be branded. Already used by the likes of Coca Cola, Heineken, Adidas and Puma this is is an exemplary form of subliminal advertising with entertainment.


Walkabout Acts

Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

You cannot deny the impact of using a walkabout act for promotional events. Instead of relying on consumers to discover you, you take your product, brand or messaging to them via the means of a walkabout act. Nothing could be simpler. Our walkabout acts you can book for promotional events are not just people in fancy dress costumes, they are professional actors and performers in exceptionally eye-catching costumes and highly experienced at conveying brand messages or promoting various product types.


Your options here are endless. From the world famous Titan The Robot who can have logos about his body, to the Walkabout Man In A Box whose bemusing routine involves walking around in a fully brandable box. Booking a walkabout act for promotional events is a very effective tactic best used in two different formats. One, is the in-your-face "I am here and this is the brand" or two, the subliminal advertising approach in which audiences’ attention is captured by a novelty character without the obvious objective of it being a promotional stunt.


Make An Impact With Entertainment at Your Promotional Event

Whatever your brand launch, promotional event or product reveal, you can guarantee that we will find you an act to make that event more engaging. Whether you choose to take the approach of subliminal advertising with entertainment or an in your face walkabout act for promotional events, the results are bound to be fruitful for your campaign. We can help you find that type of entertainment that suits you from the thousands of acts we have on our roster. 






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