An Immersive Halloween Experience with our DC Super villains

An Immersive Halloween Experience with our DC Super villains

This Halloween, more so than ever before, it’s all about immersive experiences. Interactive walkabout Halloween characters are one thing, but what about a fully enveloping performance that will ensnare all of your guests’ senses and hold them captive?

We’ve seen zombie experiences and haunted houses but what about an interactive performance made up of all your favourite DC super villains?

The Characters

The whole twisted gang are available for this Halloween: Two Face, The Penguin, Cat Woman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn and of course The Joker. If there is anyone from this dark world of criminal activity that you’d like to see at your event they could easily be created by the very best professional make up artists and body painters using Kryolan face and body makeup.

Additional asylum inmates and nurses, and prison guards can also be added to the mix of characters to create a full cast, perfect for the ultimate immersive Halloween experience. All professional actors, performers and entertainers they never break character and things can get a little bit freaky – but it’s all in the name of good fun!

If you want to go the whole way you could even hire the Batmobile to appear, or the Batboat if your venue happens to have a body of water on the premises, for guests to pose with and even have a ride in.

An Immersive Halloween Experience with our DC Super villains

Cirque, Live Action Combat, Magic and Illusion

So much more than an interactive Halloween stage show, our DC Super-Villains Spectacular will immerse audiences in a dark underworld that can take the form of an immersive scenario of your choice, whether you’d prefer Arkham Asylum, Gotham City or something else entirely.


Not just about excellent characterisations of DC super villains, the whole experience is brought to life with carefully considered lighting, props, music, costumes and character placement. All of which is configured to suit your venue layout and design.  


Incorporating elements of cirque performance and fire art, live action combat sequences between big time baddies, and spine-chilling magic illusions enacted by the gruesome Joker, this show is pure insanity.


An Immersive Halloween Experience with our DC Super villains

Create your own world with DC Supervillians

This performance offers a highly versatile format that can be manipulated to create the atmosphere you desire for your event – really the only limit is your own creativity. It’s especially suited to residencies with a different performance available for each night, and of course corporate dinners and haunted events will also benefit from an appearance from these reprobates on Halloween!
You can book as many or as few of these iconic DC characters as you’d like and they can perform in any capacity and configuration. They could perform in one room during a dinner or appear as part of a tour around your venue with different storylines enacted at each and every turn.  


Combining stage performance and mix and mingle elements, there is plenty of room for photo opportunities to create a social media buzz around your event. You could also include additional extras, such as limited addition, custom made playing cards for guests to take away as a memento of your event.  


There is no limit to the scenarios that can be created to suit your specific event.


An Immersive Halloween Experience with our DC Super villains

Their most popular scenario?

As your guests arrive at your event they’ll notice that the venue is heavily guarded, the sense of foreboding begins to creep in. Not long after your guests take their seats for dinner the sirens sound and an infamous gang of notorious super villains break into the room, over-power the guards and take one of your guests hostage – The Joker is the orchestrator and he has taken over proceedings. What will happen next? Your guests can only hope these twisted characters have bigger plans than them.

Do you dare?

These crazed characters will plunge your event into chaos for a truly thrilling immersive Halloween experience – do you dare book them?


This is the only performance in the world that features DC super villains of this calibre. For more information about our DC Super-Villains Spectacular and to discuss booking them for your event get in contact with one our entertainment specialists who would be happy to help.

__By Alanna Bestwick

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