How to use a product as the centre point of an entertainment experience

How to use a product as the centre point of an entertainment experience

Finding the best product launch entertainment can sometimes be a challenge, one that we always accept and deliver. Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we love to help our clients with product launch event ideas whilst thinking outside the box and exploring multiple ways in which we can supply an experience as well as entertain the attendees to create both the wow factor and memories.

A common form of product launch entertainment is often an act performing alongside the product. This could be, for example, a luxurious string ensemble playing next to a brand new car with aerialists performing acrobatics above. This is a tried and tested formula which is great and clearly works for PR and media coverage but, what about taking things a step further? 

Product Launch Event Ideas

We think you should consider using a product to inform the theme of your event entertainment or at least as the centre point of the product launch experience, rather than just book your entertainment to accompany the launch event. We are happy to advise clients with product launch event ideas as we have the creative abilities to combine, customise and tailor many of our acts into an original product launch experience to get attendees talking and media outlets taking note. 

Creating a Multi-Faceted Product Launch Experience

How to use a product as the centre point of an entertainment experience

Creating an experience requires far more than just an act or entertainer. You need various forms of entertainment in a customised events space and a strong focus on your brand and product.


We recently worked with Swiss luxury watchmakers Hublot and Harrods for the launch of the official FIFA World Cup 2018 watch. The whole event space was appropriately decorated with the brand heavily displayed in multiple formats and locations. Guest of honour was football superstar and on pitch character David Luiz. He wore one of the new watches throughout the event and even took part in a live football freestyle with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.


The product launch experience also included our champion Street Dance Crew who performed in suits using a branded football. This expertly tailored product launch event meant that the brand and product was always at the forefront of the event and the combination of decor, dance and celebrity made it a branded event experience to talk about.

Product Launch Entertainment Demonstrating The Product

The primary focus of a product launch is to unveil a new product, so why not consider using an entertainment option that actually demonstrates the product? Firstly, identify the product in question, what is it used for and are there any taglines used in the promotional campaign? You can easily tailor your product launch entertainment to all these factors with the focus on using a product for entertainment.


The launch of Paul Smith’s “A Suit To Travel In” used multiple athletes, gymnasts and freerunners throughout their marketing campaigns to demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of their suits. Adverts and events from Paul Smith have been created with the likes of Manchester United football players, World Champion freestyle cyclist Ben Savage and Olympic gymnastics medallist Max Whitlock.


How to use a product as the centre point of an entertainment experience

Our London Hand Balancer was used for a tailored product launch event outside Harrods to perform handstands using one of the suits. The benefits here perfectly demonstrated that the suits could be taken to the extreme without fault and still looking sharp.



A similar case study is our Parkour and Free Runner who directed and starred in a commercial for T.M.Lewin's ‘Infinity Suit’ and also starred in a very similar antiperspirant commercial for Rexonna, the international sister brand of Sure manufactured by Unilever. A very clear and visual showcase of the product and what it does.

Innovative ways of using a product for entertainment


Thinking outside of the box can be challenging but the results are far more rewarding than you could possibly expect. For example, our Aerial Video Mapping Show created an incredible tailored product launch event experience that blew everyone away at a new car launch.


For the launch of a new Volkswagen they provided a unique vertical video mapping show complete with suspended acrobats and a suspended car 40 meters above the ground. The high-end visuals brought all focus the VW and even made it look like it was moving on the side of the building.


This innovative approach to using a product for entertainment, in an unusual location, resulted in a hyped product launch experience that not only made a huge impact on the hundreds of attendees but carried on long afterwards with media coverage and social media sharing.


Creating Your Product Launch Experience


The important thing to remember when planning your product launch entertainment is that your guests are looking for an experience, the media are looking for something to talk about that will attract readers and the general public is more likely to be attracted towards something unusual or exciting.


From the very beginning stages of your planning, we can help you organise a tailored product launch event that will stand out above the rest. We regularly pitch product launch event ideas to clients and our experience ranges from using a product for entertainment, tailoring the performers appearance, making unique costumes and combining acts into a creating the unheard of.



Contact our global team of Entertainment Experts for product launch event ideas wherever you are in the world and we can guarantee we will make your product launch experience stand out. Make sure you also keep reading our ideas blogs for inspiration. 

__By Tom Drakett

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