How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

If you’re the event manager for a sports club or venue, you know that aside from your main schedule of ticketed events (football matches / rugby matches / horse races / other spectator sports – delete as applicable) and private bookings, there is often little else you can rely on for revenue in your events calendar.

Your event space doesn’t have to stand empty though. Why not host a series of ticketed events that make use of your event space to maximise your revenue? Organising your own ticketed events that are open to the public is a great way to get word out about your venue and attract new business opportunities, with prospects to generate revenue through ticket sales, sales at the bar, and through sponsorship.  

We’ve come up with five concepts for ticketed events that can be tailored to suit your audience to help you maximise your revenue for your sports venue!

Tribute Nights

How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Who doesn’t love a good tribute artist? A fantastic way to bring some big names to your venue without the price tag of the real deal, tribute nights often have a nostalgic appeal and tend to draw big crowds of attendees who want to re-live the time they attended a concert by the real artist in question.   


There is almost no limit to the amount of tribute artists and bands out there available for hire, which also means you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing an artist that will have the widest appeal with your audience. ABBA, Queen, Coldplay, Adele, Beyoncé… the list is endless.


Of course the size of the show will be dependent on the size of your event space, but to really make it worth people buying a ticket, the larger the scale the better. It’s important to not just consider the tribute band / artist themselves, but also whether their show comes complete with backdrops, light show, and dancers as this will greatly impact the work you’ll have to do to create a high-impact, authentic tribute event.

Themed Nights

How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Holding a themed night couldn’t be easier and there are a whole host of themes to choose from; whether you want to stick to the traditional ‘80s Night’ or something that requires a little more imagination when it comes to fancy dress.


The secret to all good themed nights is that the illusion is complete – ensure the dress code, music, catering, décor and drinks all tie in with your theme. Attendees will want to be immersed in the authentic experience, and you don’t want to break the fantasy by not doing your research and realising when it’s too late that you’ve confused your satyrs with your fauns for your themed Greek night extravaganza.

Seasonal Parties

How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Seasonal parties are a great opportunity to attract attendees to ticketed events at your sports venue.


There are a whole host of options in the calendar; Burns Night, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year – of course. Any excuse for a celebration, these are all occasions on which people are looking for a fun night out to celebrate with family and friends. In our experience when it comes to seasonal events the demand is greater than the supply, so you shouldn’t find it hard to sell tickets for a seasonal celebration!


These dates offer plenty of opportunity for creating something spectacular that will get word out about your events venue and spaces.

Open-Air Concerts / Festivals

How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Open-Air concerts and festivals are perfect for summer months when partygoers are looking for outdoor events at which to soak up the summer sunshine with friends, good music, and good food.


If you have a large area of outdoor space at your sports venue it provides the perfect opportunity for a festival or open-air concert. Either of these types of events can be tailored to appeal to a family audience, youthful audiences, or older audience. These types of events also provide potential for an annual source of revenue, if all goes well attendees will be looking forward to next year’s event before you’ve even planned it.


We’ve previously talked about how event organisers can plan their own mini festivals – considering logistics, entertainment and more in our article series.

Plan It

Decide On Your Target Audience

Who’s familiar with your venue and usually attends your events? Do you want to appeal just to locals or to audiences from further afield? Do you want your audience to be families, young people or the older generation?


Once you’ve decided on who you want to attend your event, you can decide what sort of event will most appeal.

Decide Date and Time & Pick A Theme

If you’re targeting families then consider planning your event in the school holidays when families will be able to attend together. If you’re planning a seasonal event, if the exact date of the occasion isn’t possible, hold your event within a 1 week radius – with the exception of Christmas as we all know that from the start of December onwards it’s game on.


Remember that your theme (if it’s not a seasonal event) must be inline with your target audience’s likes.


It’s important to note at this point if you’ve chosen to opt for a tribute night, make sure your desired tribute artist is available for the date before you start adverting and designing your tickets.


Once all the above is done design your tickets (in keeping with your theme) and start marketing!

The Fun Part…

Now it’s time to think about catering, décor and entertainment. It’s important that every detail is in keeping with your chosen theme, to create a truly impressive overall effect.


How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Décor is hugely important, because as much as we all don’t like to admit it, looks matter – especially when it comes to creating a photo-worthy backdrop for events. Within your event décor consider ambient lighting options as well as dazzling light features, giant props and larger-than-life installations are also a great talking point, floral decorations look great at more formal gatherings, whilst stylish furniture can be hired to create different social areas.


How to Maximise Revenue for Your Sports Venue Through Holding Ticketed Events

Catering can come in a range of shapes and forms and you can decide whether it’s included in your ticket price or whether it will be on offer at an additional cost to attendees. We have a range of mobile catering options to suit a whole host of themes – including sweet treats, savoury snacks, hot food and beverages – which are perfect for open-air concerts and festivals. Whilst we also have catering options for sit down meals, ideal for seasonal events.


Entertainment can form part of the main selling point of your event (if you’ve planned a tribute night) or it can be the ancillary part to ensure an all-encompassing theme with plenty to keep attendees entertained for the duration of the event. Living statues, interactive walkabout characters, stilt walkers and roaming circus performers are always a hit and are also incredibly versatile, easily adapted to a range of themes with just a change of costumes.


Of course live music is always a must when it comes to creating a memorable ambiance – roaming musicians are great for starting events off, whilst party bands are great for ending events on a high. Don’t forget most musical acts can create themed set lists and wear costumes, making them perfect for themed events and seasonal events. If you’re thinking of an open-air concert or festival then having a great line-up of musical performers to take to the stage is a must – most of our bands are well known within the music industry in their own rights aside from being event bands, having released albums and performed with international recording artists.


Lastly make sure you’ve got a good event photographer and videographer, so that you’ve got plenty of promo to promote your event with next time around.

What now?

We hope that we’ve inspired you and given you some useful tips to use when it comes to maximising your sport venue’s potential and generating additional revenue through ticketed events.


If you need some more guidance with coming up with an event concept and bringing it to fruition, get in contact with our experience events and entertainment coordinators on 01626 572072.


__By Alanna Bestwick

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