How To Make Your Sporting Event Insta-Worthy

How To Make Your Sporting Event Insta-Worthy

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram is undoubtedly a powerful tool for events organisers. Often, our minds go straight to food, fashion and beauty when we think of Instagrammable photo opportunities, but there’s a wealth of tricks and tools available ripe and ready to be applied to sporting events this summer. 

Excellent for encouraging social sharing at events before, during and afterwards, Instagram can drum up excitement, connect fans in the moment, and keep experiences alive in the minds of audiences with nostalgic memories post-event.


Pics Or It Didn’t Happen!

The main thing to remember is that Instagram is a highly visual platform. Users come to Instagram to express themselves and share their diverse, unique perspectives through photos and video clips. This has given rise to an industry of photogenic experiences and installations that cater to users looking to capture a memorable and envy-inducing moment.

As such, providing sports fans with unique and visually dynamic moments is vital for creating exceptional experiences that can be turned into social currency!

Visually arresting entertainment is our go-to for creating a highly Instagrammable event, but let’s start by taking a quick look at Instagram’s key engagement features:


Build Anticipation with a Countdown

Instagram has introduced a new interactive countdown sticker in Instagram Stories. Build excitement with followers while you count down to your upcoming sporting event.


Connect Fans with an Event-Specific Hashtag

Creating an event-specific hashtag allows fans to add their posts to a crowd-sourced feed of live content. Fostering a sense of community among your crowd, this feed will also include absent fans and generate serious FOMO (fear of missing out) among those who weren’t able to make it!


Generate Sales with Insta Shopping

Show off branded merchandise and boost future ticket sales with Instagram’s shopping feature. Use the shopping icon to reveal featured products and allow fans to learn more about them.


How To Make Your Sporting Event Insta-Worthy

Fan engagement, cheerleaders and freestylers are great for social sharing at events


Visual Video and Photo Opportunities


Instagrammable High-Octane Action

Get pulses racing and phones recording with nail-biting performances from daring stunt artists. From freak shows and aerialists to fire, motorbikes and escapists, stunt shows can be customised to suit any theme and fill entire stadiums with apprehension. 

Exciting, dangerous and jam-packed full of adrenaline, stunt shows are a sure fire way to capture and hold audiences’ attention at your event! 

This High-Wire Bike Act would be a fantastic way for cycling races such as the Tour de France to draw on diverse cultural influences while keeping to its cycling theme.




Never Seen Before Concepts

Get creative with concepts and costumes! Go way beyond your team’s mascot to offer sensational costume characters that perform weird and wonderful skills and stunts that are guaranteed to turn heads. From jumping stilts, special effects makeup, flash mob dancers, and bespoke costuming, the only limit is your imagination.

This colourful Human Slinky can perform stage shows and walkabout performances of twisted shapes that will cause fans to double take. A truly hilarious and original concept, our Human Slinky works particularly well on the smooth floors of basketball courts.




Interactive Visual Entertainment

Getting fans involved with the action is another sure-fire way to encourage selfies, group pics and Instagram stories. Walkabout characters in exceptional costumes, Tron dancers, branded robots, roller skating troupes and cheerleaders all make fantastic engaging entertainment for sports fans that they’ll want to capture. 

Extra points for personalisation or some kind of interactive element such as mini sports challenges, caricaturists, or 3D printing!

This Robot Goalkeeper’s high-performance gear mechanisms makes it accelerate 20 times faster than a Formula 1 racing car. The ultimate fanzone challenge to be filmed by your mates!




Get Immersive with Highly Visual Sets

A million plastic sprinkles. A neon-lit sound bath. A giant egg carton, welcoming you to step inside. These are just some of the experiential installations that are being created expressly for people to take the perfect Instagram picture. Why not create your own?

Sports present millions of conceptual ideas from which to take inspiration for your Instagram playground. Video mapping, mirrors, light shows, robots, walkabout characters, set design… Use your sport as a starting point from which to develop a themed experience that’s begging to be photographed. 

This mega Inflatable Assault Course is a simple and effective way to create an immersive adventure for sports fans.




Instagram for Sporting Events

Highly visual and engaging entertainment is a fast-track way to encouraging fans to share their experience on Instagram. 

Add event-specific hashtags to your posts to help them gain visibility and ramp up the excitement in anticipation of your event. When the day of your match or race comes around, having already given thought to all the key photo opportunities, you can encourage guests to snap and share, giving you a wealth of crowd-sourced, on-the-day social coverage.


Find Out More

Feeling inspired to encourage social sharing at your event with Instagram? Get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who’ll be delighted to help you get started with out-of-this-world entertainment concepts to engage fans and trigger a must-Insta-moment!


__By Freya Britton

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