How to Effectively Reveal Your Brand in 2016/17

How to Effectively Reveal Your Brand in 2016/17

The use of branding at your event is extremely important, whether you want to create hype around your product launch or brand reveal, or just to strengthen your brand awareness.

Dale Permenter, CEO of DRP recently commented to Stand Out Magazine the importance of effectively re-branding their high street fashion retailer ‘New Look.’ Dale emphasises that branding is a ‘chance to represent ourselves’ and to ‘reflect the way in which we work and how we want to be perceived’.

It has never been easier to book entertainment that accurately represents your company and brand in a way that audiences can not only relate to but also enjoy. Our brand reveal entertainment options offer you a highly customisable and personal way to reach out to key stakeholders like customers, suppliers and employees.

Branded WOW Factor Shows

One of the most popular ways to implement a high impact logo reveal is by having a WOW factor show, which can be tailored to your company by including branding such as logos, brand colours or jingles.

Personalised stage shows work perfectly as after dinner entertainment at corporate dinners, conferences or award ceremonies. They are a great way to astound guests with an energetic performance whilst portraying your brand in an exciting and unique way! Shadow shows offer a fantastic opportunity to create a unique show that tells your company story in an emotive way through acrobatic dance, and of course your branding can be added in a number of different ways.

Sand art is another really successful way to WOW guests with a mesmerising show as part of a captivating logo reveal. Sand art can be hugely effective as brand reveal entertainment. Presenting a highly emotive story accompanied by music, a live sand story is a great way to reveal your company brand in a distinctive and memorable way. If you’re unable to have a sand artist perform live at your event, a pre-made recording can be created and play on the night.

For a great example of a unique brand reveal from a sand artist check out the sand story created for Scarlett Entertainment, as this illustrates what can be achieved and how the sand story can be promoted on social media after your event!


If your brand reveal is more technology focused, a high impact light painting, illuminated poi or LED performance is a fantastic choice and hugely popular with clients wanting to energise guests and create a hype around their brand. LED entertainment is highly customisable with the ability to include any combination of colours, logos, images, designs and more.



Interactive Walkabout Brand Reveal Entertainment

Interactive walkabout brand reveal entertainment is perfect for corporate drink receptions, networking events and trade shows! This is a great way to entertain your guests with impressive entertainment whilst providing a unique brand reveal with your logo. Additionally, the walkabout performers act as a brand ambassador promoting your brand in a personalised and engaging way.


A hugely attractive and exciting way to reveal your brand through walkabout entertainment is an iPad Magician! Our iPad magician combines incredible close up magic tricks, the latest iPad technology and his charismatic personality to create bespoke entertainment that will amaze your guests and reveal your brand in the most unique of ways! He could pull your new product from the screen of his iPad, create a custom app relating to your product and use it in his magic tricks, and incorporate branding and logos.


How to Effectively Reveal Your Brand in 2016/17


Creative Brand Reveal Entertainment

Creative entertainment is the perfect way to reveal your brand if you want entertainment that progresses throughout your event, creating an atmosphere of suspense, and that culminates in a grand reveal.


A unique type of brand reveal entertainment is having a Rubik’s cube artist slowly build up a mosaic of your product or logo with the use of, you guessed it, Rubik’s cubes! Guest can easily get involved with this under the guidance of our professional artist and it is a great way to pique attendees’ interests ready for the bid reveal. Whilst guests are mingling and networking they can see the piece of artwork coming together gradually as each Rubik’s cube is pieced together to create a detailed image or logo.


Speed and glitter painters are another form of creative brand reveal entertainment that is hugely popular with our clients. This creative entertainment generates interest in your brand as guests are curious about what is being created! Speed or Glitter painters, such as our incredible speed painter Dave, can incorporate your branding, product or even a portrait of a VIP guests into their paintings! You can add an extra element to this by auctioning off the paintings at the end of the event or keeping them in your office to amaze your employees long after the event has finished!


Using virtual or augmented reality as a way to reveal brands is extremely popular event organisers! Virtual reality is incredible for immersing your guests within a scenario or brand experience. This is commonly being used at corporate drinks receptions, conferences and offers endless possibilities when it comes to customisable options. A great way to build long lasting relationships between your brand and attendees, AR and VR has a massive impact at brand reveal events.


How to Effectively Reveal Your Brand in 2016/17


Making your Brand the Centrepiece of your Event

The method in which you present your brand as a focus of your event will vary depending on the product and your industry. However, an impressive way to achieve this is through projection mapping. This has become particularly popular for car and technology-focused brands as projection mapping works particularly well when projected onto objects, and is of course by its very nature technology focused. Projection mapping immerses guests in an experience through fantastic visual effects, which can incorporate any series of images, logos, designs and text. This style of entertainment can also be used for other product types to offer high quality and impressive logo reveal. Projection mapping technology is tailored to your brand image, colours and product to convey a clear story as part of a unique brand reveal.


Ready to Reveal?

There are so many amazing brand reveal entertainment options available which can be customised to suit any event type, budget and industry. For a closer look at all of our brand reveal entertainment click here. Or you can contact us and one of our entertainment specialists will be happy to discuss how best to reveal your brand at your event.

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