How to Choose a Futurist and Tech Keynote Speaker for your Next Event

How to Choose a Futurist and Tech Keynote Speaker for your Next Event

Here at Scarlett Entertainment, we offer a specialist speakers agency division to help you navigate the potentially overwhelming world of future and technology speakers. 

Headed up by our speakers expert, Samantha Spry, and with a roster brimming with best futurist speakers and award-winning technology speakers, you can depend on us to propose the very best keynote speakers for your event needs. We understand that the future and technology speaker you choose must not only be knowledgeable but inspiring, relatable and able to drive real results through their session.

From the latest cutting-edge technology impacting your industry to in-demand topics such as Cybersecurity, Big Data, The Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, our leading technology speakers will be able to tailor their talk to your business and audience.

We spoke to our Head of Speakers Division, Samantha Spry, to get the low down on this fascinating field, and some tips and tricks when it comes to booking futurist and tech speakers for your event.

What type of technology speakers do you book? 

Technology is an increasingly broad theme, with many specialist subsets. When a client asks us to recommend a ‘technology speaker’, it is important for us to drill down and find out what technology topics they require, so that we can recommend the relevant technology expert. 

It should not be assumed that an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is automatically qualified or interested in delivering a keynote speech on Digital Transformation. We can help you find the right person for your requirements!


Is a Futurist Speaker the same as a Technology Speaker?

Not necessarily. Where a technology speaker can talk about a specific area of technology - such as Cybersecurity - a futurist speaker looks more generally at forthcoming future trends. 

Being that technology is so integral to the future, it features in almost all presentations as a default. However, a futurist speaker can draw on facts and key information from the other disciplines aside from technology - such as science, business, demographics, innovation, the environment, politics and economics - to paint a vision of what the world will look like in 10, 20, or even 50 years time. In an era of rapid change, this invaluable insight enables companies to begin to adapt and prepare for the future accordingly.


How to Choose a Futurist and Tech Keynote Speaker for your Next Event

Consider Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak or Futurist Speaker, Lieke Lamb


What does a Futurist speak about? 

Hearing about future trends is all well and good, but it is important to make the presentation relevant to the audience.

For this reason, Futurist Speakers will carefully customise their presentations to the audience and brief. Presentations can be relevant to broad industry sectors such as the Future of Education, The Future of Healthcare, the Future of Energy, the Future of Work, the Future of Telecommunications and the Media, or even more tailored presentations - for example, the future impact of China’s investment in AI. Or the digital lifestyle of Generation Z!

What are your most popular technology topics? 

In this new world of disruption, 24-hour news, and hyper-change, popular technology topics can quickly trend, and hitherto little-known experts in these topics can quickly become in-demand globally - such as when the Gatwick Airport shutdown in 2018 caused by a rogue drone sparked a trend in demand for Drone Experts. 

Popular topics in general remain focussed around  Big Data, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Digital Disruption. 


What about your top tips for hiring a Futurist & Technology Speaker?

On a restrictive budget? Try to avoid ‘hot’ or ‘trending’ technology keynote topics. Periodically, new technology buzzwords come to the fore and gain increased media attention. “Big Data” or “Blockchain” are great examples. 

However, unless you have a specific reason why your audience requires to be lectured to on this topic, don’t just jump on the bandwagon in order to appear current - especially if the speaking budget is tight. This is because speakers who are experts in the latest hot technology-related topics will be in high demand during this period. We can help you find an expert on a suitable topic that is not only exciting and inspiring but great value!



Find out more about Futurist and tech keynote speakers for your event

With years of experience and a vast network of the best futurist and tech keynote speakers in the business, Samantha is always on hand to give you her expert advice. Contact us with your enquiry and we’ll be pleased to help!


__By Freya Britton

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