Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

With the biggest film industry awards ceremony taking place this month you might be looking to host your very own Oscars party. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to celebrate the 89th Academy Awards in style. With glitz and glamour, cocktail dresses, black tie, red carpet and all the thrills of a Hollywood showbiz event, we can help you host a party that rivals any celeb gathering.

A VIP Entrance

Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

No Oscars party or Hollywood showbiz event is complete without a red carpet. And no red carpet event is complete without the bewildering flashing lights of paparazzi. Luckily enough we can provide your guests with the full red carpet event experience. Our fake paparazzi act are a hilarious duo of professional photographers that will treat your invitees like proper celebrities. They will be trigger happy, snapping away just like you would expected at any Hollywood showbiz event. They interact with your guests and will make them pose for the camera. Best of all, you’ll get access to all the pictures they take.


If you want to take it up a notch, our fake correspondent will interview guests for a make believe TV show or pretend to report for the likes of Channel 4, E! or MTV. The entertainment reporter, armed with a cameraman, will accost people at your event with impromptu interviews. They ask guests about what a great time they’re having at your Oscars party, talk about their outfits and you watch as your visitors’ demeanour changes from party-goer to celebrity. They will edit the footage into a video showreel you can enjoy over and over again.  As an added bonus, these guys will provide the red carpet for you!


Drinks Served With Style

Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

Did someone say champagne? You can’t have a VIP red carpet event without treating your guests to some bubbly and the more luxuriously you do so, the more your guests will feel special. Quench their thirst with a glass of Champagne from our fabulous living tables or Champagne dress waitresses as they step through the door. These stunning ladies come in spectacular outfits that can be tailored to suit your event. In this instance they will come sophisticatedly presented with the glitz and glam worthy of an Oscars party. They will be on hand to make sure nobody ever runs out of fizz.


Why not go the extra mile with an aerial acrobat suspended from a huge crystal chandelier topping up your invitees glasses. The elegant custom designed chandelier can house up to 8 bottles at a time and comes fully fitted with LED lights. Both dazzling and refreshing.


Amuse Bouche and Sweet Treats

Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

You don’t want the fizz to go to your guests heads and what with all the media attention, they’re sure to work up an appetite. Now, most celebrities live a disciplined life of extreme dieting and strict exercise regimes so you don’t want to serve up hog roast or chips. Your Oscars party should be lavishly catered with tantalising mouth watering little nibbles. With the gastronomic delights offered by our catering suppliers you can have themed event catering tailored to a Hollywood showbiz event or sumptuous sushi for the trendy celeb wannabes. For those with a sweet tooth book yourself luxurious sweet treats and fantastic dessert tables or let your visitor’s cool off with some liquid nitrogen ice cream. Keep it small and tasty and more importantly a feats for the eyes.


Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

If there’s one thing The Oscars is known for, other than films, it’s the celebrities. Out on parade for one of the most celebrated events of the year in the film industry, celebs use this opportunity to flaunt themselves in front of the cameras on the red carpet and schmooze with industry types. You too can have big names  and stars of the big screen at your event. The legendary Sean Connery, Heart throb Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro are just a handful of some of the amazingly convincing celebrity lookalikes we have on our books to hire for your event. Your guests will love it. They’ll get to take selfies and pretend they met actual celebs!

On The Big Screen

Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

Your Oscars party is, after all, a big screen party too and no big screen party is complete without, you guessed it, a big screen! Your guests are going to want to watch the awards ceremony and possibly the “live from the red carpet” highlights too. As you’re going all out you should blow your guests feather boa’s off with a huge AV screen. Your big screen party can have a totally freestanding screen completely tailored to your event with big red drapes either side and ambient lighting. Combine this room decor and prop hire from one of our suppliers and you’re on to a winner. Not enough space? Don’t worry, we can supply you huge LED TVs for your event, that aren’t quite as big as the AV screens.


Handy Tips For Hosting Your Own Oscars Party

You can’t have an awards ceremony without any awards, especially with the Oscars being the most iconic of all awards. You’re budget probably won’t stretch far enough to supply your guests with gold-plated britannium statuettes and individual engravings, so how about a life-size statue instead? Our themed human statues offer two life size Oscar awards. We recommend you position them at the end of your red carpet to tower over your guests as they enter just to amplify the WOW factor of the entry to your party. 


This year’s Oscar awards take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on the 26th February so make sure you get planning. The above ideas should get you started now all you have to do is dig out your finest cocktail dresses and black tie suits, white tablecloths and fancy tableware and there you have it, you’re ready to go. 




If you need some more inspiration be sure to have a look through our Hollywood & The Oscars themed entertainment page or contact our entertainment specialists who will be more than happy to help. 


__By Tom Drakett

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