Fly to Infinity and Beyond with a Futuristic Theme and Space Age Entertainment

Fly to Infinity and Beyond with a Futuristic Theme and Space Age Entertainment

Capture imaginations with an immersive futuristic theme

Easily tailored to your event, venue and concept, our space-age entertainment will fly you to infinity and beyond! 

Looking to create a visionary setting, unique Christmas party theme or glamorous atmosphere? Look no further than technology and the cosmos. From high-tech entertainment and cutting edge disciplines to retro-futuristic themes and sophisticated minimal silver styling, futuristic themes can fit any occasion. 

We take a trip to the future with our favourite space-age entertainment that never fails to wow guests.

Sci-Fi Aerial Shows

We love to stay one step ahead of cutting-edge entertainment. Truly enthralling, there are a wealth of ground-breaking aerial displays that are like something out of a sci-fi film.

For high-impact wow factor in an outdoor space, consider our Jet Suit Pilots whose bionic suits allow them to speed deftly over land and water. Performing complex aerial displays and assembling in a formidable troop above the heads of your guests, this is one high-octane aerial show not to be missed. Similarly, this Flyboard Fire Show takes flames to water with a dramatic showcase of death-defying stunts.

Equally as startling, our Drone Light Shows bring together up to 1,000 drones flying in an unearthly synchronised pattern to light up the sky. 


Fly to Infinity and Beyond with a Futuristic Theme and Space Age Entertainment


Holograms and Video Mapping

Augmented reality, holograms, virtual reality and video mapping have rocketed in recent years as the technology has reached a wider audience. Still capturing the imaginations of audiences young and old, incredible effects can be achieved with light projection, AR and VR entertainment. 

Add an unforgettable immersive edge to your futuristic entertainment with Table Mapping. Galaxies will swirl across your guests’ table as they tuck into space-age food and drink. Add Vapourising Mist Orbs for a spectacular (and edible!) finishing touch. 

Looking for a creative way to tell a story or showcase your new product? Then these Bespoke Hologram Boxes might be just what your event needs.




Movies such as Back to the Future and Blade Runner offer up plenty of sci-fi fantasy inspiration with an irresistible nostalgia of retrofuturism. 

This Science Experiment LED Show is a theatrical stage performance that combines non-spoken acting, LED costumes, body popping choreographies and a touch of humour. With a custom soundtrack featuring epic soundscapes, sound effects and several well-known songs for the dance routines, it works fantastically across cultures and languages.

Equally as electrifying, this hair-raising Lords of Lightning act showcases a powerful battle harnessing four million volts of electricity!


Fly to Infinity and Beyond with a Futuristic Theme and Space Age Entertainment


Space-Age Walkabouts

Walkabout entertainment is fantastic for interactive experiences that bring the futuristic theme to life.

Part alien, part robot, our LED drumming group take the audience on a colourful dreamlike journey combining high impact drumming, dynamic choreography, beautiful lighting design and fantasy costumes. 

Coming from a galaxy far far away and having travelled lightyears to get here, these sleek Silver Aliens are here on a mission to provide you with out of this world entertainment. Standing at four meters tall and with a UFO in tow, their incredible chrome exteriors dazzle in both sunlight and indoor lights.

Finally, intrigue guests with these post-apocalyptic quadrupeds that appear to be cyborg beings that are from another planet.


Fly to Infinity and Beyond with a Futuristic Theme and Space Age Entertainment


Choosing a Futuristic Theme for your event

With so many exciting ways to spin the future, space-age entertainment is among our favourite themes for creating an original experience. 

Looking for more? Check out our recent blog post where we explore the best robots for your next trade show. 

Speak to our team to discover how we can deliver high-tech entertainment for your event.


__By Freya Britton

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