Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Spring is a beautiful season to use as a theme for your event, with its soft pastel colours and vibrant flowers this event theme is a fabulous choice for any occasion that wants to celebrate in style. Bursting with life and oozing sophistication, floral themed entertainment boasts of stunning aesthetics for both the performers and décor ideas. 

With events such as the annual Macy’s Flower Show attracting millions of guests over a two-week period to revel in the spectacular floral scenes and fantasy flowers from all over the world, spring themed events are an effortless theme that looks absolutely breath taking when translated into an event.

In true Macy’s Flower Show spirit we have found the best floral themed entertainment in New York for your spring themed event, full of colour, elegance and sophistication, our floral themed entertainment and décor will leave your guests astounded by the stunning scenes at your floral spectacular. 

Floral themed entertainment – Cascading Floral Violinist

Our beautiful violinist performs melodic music whilst wearing a stunning 20ft gown that envelops around her, perfect for draping down stairs for a grand entrance or for surrounding her performance space with glowing flower details in a soft and delicate colour – fabulous for any spring themed event. Having performed on the steps of the Knot Gala this floral violinist is guaranteed to add sophistication and elegance to any and every floral themed occasion.

Spring themed event ideas – The Enchanted Garden

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Watch as your event comes alive with wondering trees, flowers and topiary people with our enchanted garden performers.  With a myriad of costumes and themes to choose from our living statues, trees and topiary people surprise guests as their life like façade comes alive right before their very eyes, perfect for any floral themed event that desires interactive entertainment that not only looks stunning but even adds to the overall impact of the event décor.

Floral themed decoration ideas – Ivy Archway

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

With roving trees, wandering topiary people and cascading violinists comes our magnificent ivy archway. A regular ivy twisted archway at first inspection, witness your guests be blown away by our performer inside! A remarkable décor idea that creates a stunning entrance to your event is not at all what it seems as when you look closely you can see our performer’s face intertwined within the arch! An interactive floral themed decoration idea that will surprise your guests as well as astound them is the ultimate entrance to any spring themed occasion. 

Interactive floral entertainment – Flower and Topiary People

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Watch your event explode with colour and vibrancy with our fabulous flower and topiary people. Choose from a range of costume designs from golden flower people to pink and white flower people, red roses and many more gorgeous costume designs. A floral infused performer that not only boasts interactive photo opportunities but instantly WOWs guests as they add another dynamic to your floral themed décor. These stunning topiary people and living statues are a staple piece for any spring themed event and are guaranteed to get your guests talking.

Roving Stilt Walkers – Flower People

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Offering a fun and whimsical atmosphere at your event our flower people stilt walkers will certainly take your event to new heights as they stroll around your event dressed head to toe as a giant flower! A winning combination when booking tree statues and topiary people, these stilt walkers are guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone at your event with their vibrant striped costumes, glittering details and enchanting characters. A dynamic duo who offer fantastic photo opportunities will mix and mingle with your guests proving fun and exciting entertainment for guests of all ages.

Spring party food ideas – Strolling Tables

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

A roaming floral infused table that comes to you? You would have to see it to believe it! Watch your guests’ faces light up as our strolling floral table adds colour, charm and delicious treats and beverages to your event! A guaranteed head turner that is fun, exciting and highly interactive these strolling tables will bring even your food and drinks into Spring with their vibrant costumes and stunning floral headpieces.

Floral themed drink ideas – Flower Champagne Dress

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

When paired with our roving floral table this flower power champagne dress is a guaranteed hit at any floral themed event as our gorgeous girl is dressed quite literally head to toe in beautiful flowers and champagne. A winning combination of beauty and beverage that will ensure that all of your guests are enjoying themselves with a full glass of bubbly!

Floral Hostesses – Flower Greeter

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

Now that you have your roving floral infused tables, champagne dresses, cascading violinist and interactive Spring themed decorations you need someone to welcome your guests to your top class event, so who better to greet your guests than our fantasy inspired topiary hostess! A remarkable flower greeter who showcases stunning body art, costume design and innovation with her whimsical attire will set the tone of your event right from the very start. Great to pair with our ivy archway, this dynamic duo will make your event one to remember in first few minutes of arrival!

Floral inspired showstopper – Silk Aerialist

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

It’s time to WOW your guests for the final time in your A-class event so why not tie it all together with a stunning silk aerialist showstopper. With customisable costumes and routines watch as our silk aerialist brings even more glamour and elegance to your event as she performs breath taking routines from above. Offering several different aerial acts our acrobat can fuse her performance with your floral theme to create captivating showcase that dazzles audiences of all ages. Whether you want to wrap a flower garland around her aerial hoop or reflect your colour scheme in her costume, this aerialist will make your event unforgettable as she complements your theme and amazes your guests.

Flower Power – Own it!

Floral Themed Entertainment For Your Event in New York

So there you have some of our most impressive floral themed entertainment that will take your spring themed event to the next level and give the Macy’s Flower Show a run for their money! With roaming flower people, tables, champagne dresses, aerialists, cascading violinists and flower greeters we can ensure that your next spring themed event will be one to be remembered.


The ultimate event theme that embodies class, sophistication and elegance is a guaranteed hit for any and every occasion as these stunning colour schemes and remarkable acts stun audiences and guests from all over the world. 


If you want to find out more about creating your own floral inspired event or if you are looking to book one of our acts, please contact our Entertainment Specialists on +1 702 563 4452. 

__By Charlotte Russell

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