Extreme Sports: Taking Your Event To New Heights

Extreme Sports Entertainment might not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering options for corporate events, product launches, and exhibitions but in reality, it has been a staple amongst brand marketing campaigns and advertising for a very long time. Action sports are visually appealing, packed with specialist skills, lots of energy and are generally natured towards being short, sharp and impactful. 

The definition of extreme sports is activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk often involving speed, height, a high level of physical exertion and highly specialised gear which automatically makes it a thrilling viewing experience for the audience. The term extreme sports also lends itself to the likes of freestylers, free running and parkour and even unique sports. 

We find that extreme sports are a fantastic choice of entertainment to attract audiences with a showcase of unusual or highly skilled talent. The high-adrenaline, specialist skills and sometimes death-defying stunts not only appeal to a wide audience demographic, but its applications are quite varied too with the ability to make an impact at anything from a corporate event to advertising. One of the best things about action sports performers is their versatility. Equipment and clothing can be customised or branded and many can take place almost anywhere. 

Below are some of our favourite extreme sports entertainment ideas with a bit of a twist. At Scarlett Entertainment we have many freestylers, dare-devils and action sports specialists you can hire for your events, but we wanted to show you some of the more unusual options which we find have a great impact at events. 


Pogo Stick Display Team 




Probably one of the more unusual extreme sports entertainment options but because of this, it is extremely engaging. They’re incredibly agile and very versatile meaning they can create bespoke performances for any occasion. The stunt team currently hold 13 Guinness World Records, have work with some major brands such as Coca Cola, ESPN, Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Facebook, and Disney and been Citroen and Nissan’s brand ambassadors for worldwide events and promotional media. 


Wind Tunnel Display Team 




Using open land-based wind tunnels, this display team create incredible choreographed shows that mimic skydiving. The company behind the stunt display team not only had the world’s first public wind tunnel but they created the first ever fully transparent flight chamber and were responsible for the first flying acrobats show and more. With brandable equipment and customisable routines, it is no wonder they have worked with leading corporate clients like Mercedes-Benz, F1, and Red Bull. Some of their custom projects have involved the Torino Olympic Games, Superman Returns movie premier, Untold Music Festival, Mexico City 200th Year Anniversary and a Red Bull promotional event in Thailand. 


Flyboard and Fire Show 



Extreme Sports: Taking Your Event To New Heights


Flyboards are still relatively new to the entertainment industry. Flyboards are like a jet-pack fueled by water which results in a sport called hydroflying. These flyboard acrobats have taken part in World Championships and European Championships and now among the top 10 best riders in the world. This team has fully mastered the sport to a level where they can use their talents to create elaborate flyboard shows with roaring flames, LED suits and surrounding pyrotechnics. This type of high-energy sports entertainment obviously needs water and is great for large-scale events for it reach its full potential. 



Extreme Trampoline Shows 

Extreme Sports: Taking Your Event To New Heights

These world-class athletes perform extreme trampoline displays that can be branded, themed and include a variety of props such as basketballs, snowboards, and skis whilst doing triple flips and twists in the air. Their shows are used to kick off events, provide the WOW at major events, draw in large crowds and communicate messages in a unique way that will be noticed and remembered. The team are extremely passionate about their extreme sports and even broken the Guinness World Record for the highest trampoline team bounce. 



Freestyle Basketball Show  



Now, this might not sound like an action sport but these guys really are something else! Words can't quite describe how exciting their act is and their own high-energy sporting entertainment. Using small trampolines, extremely precise choreographies, and acrobatic skills, they create stunning slam dunk shows. They can adapt to any location, work with any concept and completely tailor their appearance. 


Regardless of whether you're planning a sporting, corporate or brand awareness event, we have lots of suitable high-energy sports entertainers, freestylers and extreme sports performers that guarantee to make a dramatic impact. Contact us whilst you are planning your event and we can coordinate with you the best possible action sports entertainment that will be specially tailored to your needs.  

__By Tom Drakett

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