Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment

Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment

Cultural Fusion Entertainment and Arts in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is inhabited by over nine million people, of which 3 million live in Dubai. Home to more than 200 nationalities, this Middle Eastern oases’ percentage of foreign population exceeded the 88% of the total in 2018. In the light of these high figures, it comes as no surprise that artists coexisting in the UAE have experienced an evolution in their cultural references.

The need to acculturate into the dominant culture whilst maintaining aspects of their own culture have led many of them to create truly unique performances and pieces of artwork. The cradle of fusion cultural entertainment, in recent years Dubai has seen the emergence of fused multicultural identities. Always looking to bring our readers the most innovative, ground-breaking and original entertainment and arts in Dubai, we’ve listed a few of our favourite cultural fusion acts. 

Cultural Fusion Acts You Can Find in Dubai and the Middle East


Female qanunist playing covers of Ed Sheeran


The first female quanunist in the UAE, this avant-garde musician is the perfect example of an artist embracing elements of other cultures to create a new cultural identity. Strongly influenced by Western music and proud or her rich cultural heritage, this Syrian musician can delight listeners with either traditional Arabic music or covers of famous hits by Western pop artists. Providing modern music with a unique and beautiful Middle Eastern flavour, her rendition of ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran is as unique as mesmerising. Press play!

Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment


Light Arabic calligrapher blending tradition and technology


Calligraphy is one of the most fascinating elements of Arab cultures. Arabic calligraphy complex and awe-inspiring shapes captivated the below artists at an early age, and he decided to take this art to the next level by blending hand-writing calligraphy with light painting. With iconic buildings, monuments and landscapes serving as a background, this light arabic calligrapher creates unique multimedia entertainment bringing together the latest photographic techniques and traditional elements of the UAE. The result? Judge for yourself. 

What makes this artist’s work even more impressive is the fact that it doesn’t require any digital retouching, meaning all the calligraphy he creates needs to be written in reverse since the camera captures a mirror image. Pure talent!

Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment


Middle Eastern-infused duo mixing genres and singing in seven languages


Music in an ever-evolving art and the below artists know it. Aware of the sea of possibilities music offers, these performers fuse Arabic music with contemporary styles, which allows them to create fully tailored musical experiences and a very personal sound! Providing each of their shows with an authentic Middle Eastern flavour, this Arabic Fusion Duo perform in seven languages including English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Spanish, Italian and Indian. On top of that, the duo’s multi-skilled musician can play various instruments such as the guitar, oud, saz and keyboards. 


Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment


Versatile singer performs Arabian Bedouin music, RnB, Flamenco…

If you were looking for a truly complete artist, then this extremely versatile performer is guaranteed to meet your expectations. This Arabic Singer turns his hand to anything and is always looking forward to experiment with new sounds and genres. Happy to share his cultural roots with international audiences, he performs Arabian Bedouin songs dressed in a traditional thobe (also called thawb, kandoora or dishdasha) and other genres such as flamenco, pop or RnB with their corresponding clothing style. Providing each song and performance with his own personal touch, he incorporates elements of his culture into modern genres and viceversa.

Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment


Beatboxing and oud player joining forces to produce a truly unique piece

Following the aforementioned musicians’ example, this unique and fascinating fusion truly captivates listeners. A combination of modern and traditional music as never seen before, the talent of the below beatboxer and oud player mixed together takes fusion cultural entertainment to the next level. Joining forces to offer an extraordinary blend of styles, these creative artists produce the type of Arabic fusion music that demanding audiences crave and ask for. Press play and treat your ears with something intimate, exquisite and original.


Explore Dubai: the Cradle of Fusion Cultural Entertainment


Explore Further Cultural Fusion Acts

Take the above cultural fusion acts as an appetizer of the wide variety of cultural fusion entertainment you can find in our roster. 

Are you looking for something bespoke of specific? At Scarlett Entertainment we pride ourselves on providing the unheard-of. Share the ideas you have in mind with us and let us turn them into reality! 

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__By Juliana Rodriguez

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