Entertainment Spotlight: Sand Artists

Entertainment Spotlight: Sand Artists

With a world-class roster of global entertainment, we have no shortage of wonderful sand artists amongst our acts. Sand art hit the headlines when Kseniya Simonova appeared on Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009, quickly amassing a global following on Youtube thanks to her incredible creations. A unique and impressive art form, this unusual entertainment option is ideal for bringing the wow factor to your event, and ensuring that guests will be captivated from start to finish.

Our sand artists have performed all around the world, producing wonderful narratives in the sand for prestigious brands such as Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Rolex, Chevrolet, and Disney, and for high-end clients including royalty and celebrities. Using sand and sound, our talented performers create breath-taking shows which tell stories or illustrate a message in a wholly enchanting way, adding that extra special touch to your occasion.


The Big Names in Sand


The one who started it all…


An internationally acclaimed performer, our fantastic sand artist Joe is credited with starting the sand art craze and brings an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind live performance to any occasion. Offering bespoke shows tailored to your event, or a choice from one of his many popular stories, Joe will create exceptional artworks in sand, displaying his impressive technique and story-telling ability. Joe is also unique in that he will take requests from the audience whilst working at your event, displaying on-the-spot creativity and masterful skill.



The global superstar…


The most famous sand artist working today, Kseniya Simonova won Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009, and quickly thereafter became an internet sensation. Her artistic ability is second to none, and she has a natural gift for capturing emotion in her work, creating truly moving stories in the sand. She is able to create beautiful custom performances for your event and can work with white sand on a black background for special pre-recorded creations.


Entertainment Spotlight: Sand Artists


Sand Without Limits


The one who breaks the mould…


An experienced sand artist with a unique style, Stacey creates her art pieces in coloured sand, often using blue sand as it mimics the appearance of ink. She can also produce stories in other mediums, having recently created a bespoke show using coffee beans, and another using chalk. As a graphic designer, Stacey is also able to put together animations which can be shown at the same time as her sand performance. 



The colour-changing one…


Combining a magical style with true artistic flair, Anna is an accomplished sand artist who excels at telling emotional stories right before your eyes. Using a light box with multi-coloured LEDs, she is able to create beautiful pieces with a difference that are sure to captivate guests at your event, capturing their imaginations and leaving a lasting impression. Anna demonstrated her talent for us by creating a bespoke sand animation for Scarlett Entertainment, which you can check out below:



Sand With Something Extra


The one who does it blindfolded…


The world’s only blindfolded sand artist, and the pioneering force behind sand animation in India, fantastic artist Ronnie produces intricate, amazingly detailed artworks at an incredible pace, quickly sweeping one image into the next. What makes this even more impressive is that Ronnie achieves this all whilst wearing a blindfold, creating stunning scenes through touch alone.


Entertainment Spotlight: Sand Artists


The musically gifted one…


A passionate artist who takes great pride in what he does, Urs is a multitalented performer, not only adept at creating wonderful sand art, but also a skilled musician. He arranges all the music to accompany his sand performances, timing it exactly to work with the drawings. Urs is also available to play the piano at events, providing the ideal background music either side of his sand art show.



The Sand All-Rounders


The sand-working duo…


Talented and versatile performers, our fantastic sand animation artists Svetlana and Alexei will make any event unique and unforgettable with their creative and mesmerising performances, communicating a vast array of emotions and feelings through their work. The pair are able to create bespoke shows for any occasion, as well as constantly producing their own creative pieces which tell whimsical stories to delight any audience.



The one with an eye for detail…


Bringing a new level of detail to the sand art medium, exceptional artist Fatmir produces extraordinary and unique designs that will deliver a great visual impact at your event. The transitions between each image he creates are faultless, and his attention to detail is masterful, with each story formed in the sand bound to leave a lasting impression.


Entertainment Spotlight: Sand Artists

For more information about our incredible sand artists, contact us at scarlett@scarlettentertainment.com



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