Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

Family and children's events are an integral part of not only the international events industry, but also the international tourist industry. During the main school holidays shopping malls, tourist attractions, brands and local councils put on events that will draw in visitors with purposeful entertainment and often the most successful type of family entertainment is otherwise known as 'Edutainment'. 
Combining educational elements and fun entertainment based sections, Edutainment is a popular choice with event planners that want to add depth to their programme of family entertainment. Many studies have shown what educators have preached for decades; that learning doesn't have to be boring and in fact the less boring learning is the easier it is for both adults and children alike. Many of today's children role models including Emma Watson and his famous character Hermione Granger advocate the benefits of education and fun.

Through fun narratives, a group of imaginative, expressive and amusing characters try to convey important messages in a fun and practical way. Our entertainment expertise doesn't just lie in the sphere of entertainment for corporate events, wedding and marketing purposes, we also have experience providing children's entertainment for events like Dubai Shopping Festival and have produced several of our own Edutainment shows. A field of entertainment that has a very specific set of characteristics and objectives, in this article we take a look at the benefits of Edutainment for family events as well as out top picks of shows that will not only engage your event attendees but also leave them with having learnt something new.  


The Benefits of Edutainment

As experts on the matter, we have studied the benefits of edutainment and have drawn very interesting conclusions. The first thing we learned about educational games for kids is that they increase children’s engagement and encourage them to actively participate in activities. Many educators and parents know how difficult it is to get little one’s attention and capture their interest. According to figures published in Edutopia, by providing kids with ten minutes of edutainment they will be able to absorb more information and pay more attention than with other traditional educational methods.


Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

We are also fascinated by how this unique learning experience helps children connect with positive role models. One of edutainment’s characteristics is the use of fun and loving characters that kids can identify with and that quickly connect with their audience. These entertainers help children exercise their brain in a different way and know how to convey the message that learning and knowledge can be fun.


In addition to awakening curiosity and motivation to learn new things, edutainment stimulates intellect. Instead of getting kids distracted with meaningless content – mostly online videos or TV shows -, they can learn something new whilst enjoying a storyteller telling a story, to take a concrete example.


Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

In conclusion, the benefits of edutainment can de divided in four blocks: physical, social, emotional and intellectual. Educational games for kids are interactive in their vast majority. This means kids are constantly moving instead of lying still watching TV. These games also involve interaction with both entertainers/educators and other children, which will help them develop social skills. With regards to emotions, the topics covered make kids connect with their environment and understand it better, which will definitely increase their interest for the world surrounding them. Last but not least, edutainment stimulates intellect and provide kids with useful information in a way they can understand it and enjoy it.


Five Educational Entertainment Examples

Education through entertainment is available in numerous forms to suit a wide range of event settings, and covering as many different topics as you can think of.  Check the below list to find out more about some of the best edutainment examples for both kids and grownups. 


Mother Goose Club Live

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

One of the most famous musical groups among pre-schoolers can show up at your event and surprise toddlers with their nursery rhymes and colourful costumes. A show written by educators to promote literacy, the musical act performed by these six sweet and beloved characters is a guarantee of success at shopping malls, festivals, family events and children’s parties. Eep, Jack, Bo Peep, Teddy and Baa Baa will captivate kids and with songs such as ‘Driving in My Car’ or ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ and will encourage their cognitive development through educational lyrics and interaction. Little ones among the audience will have the opportunity to sing and dance along with their favourite Mother Goose Club characters during a show that is as entertaining as educational. 


What events is this show most suited to:  shopping mall kids zones, family events, children’s parties, festivals…


Cat In The Hat Show

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

This group of fantastic entertainers bring an adaptation of one of the best-loved books of all times: ‘The Cat in the Hat’. Based on the work of Dr Seuss, this stage show is very popular among young audiences. Our performers ensure the real story’s essence is maintained in a performance that tells of the adventures and mischievousness of this playful cat. This theatre production sends a powerful message to kids: that is ok to have fun, but you have to know how! A show full of humour and memorable morals, this children’s entertainment option will make little ones roar with laughter and finish the day with an important lesson learnt.


What events is this show most suited to:  shopping mall kids zones, family events, kid’s parties, theatres, schools…


Educational Kids Show

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

Communicating important information about nature is not always easy, especially to little children. This Educational Kids Show is a musical extravaganza that does so in a very entertaining and engaging way. Taking little ones to a magical world of bugs, these friendly creatures will tell kids how important it is to take care of the environment. Ladybirds, butterflies, bumble bees, crocodiles, bunnies and spiders will make friends with young spectators and will teach them how to protect nature through music, dance, fitness and exercise segments and other interactive activities and games. 


What events is this show most suited to:  festivals, children’s parties, zoos, museums, shopping malls, theme parks…


Children's Science Party

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

It is said that science and fun do not go hand in hand. This Children’s Science Party can prove there’s nothing further from the truth. Having entertained more than 500,000 children across the UK between the ages of 4 and 12, this interactive and educational activity focuses on magic tricks, amazing experiments and spectacular science. The brilliant scientists/educators responsible for it have been praised by numerous parents who are impressed by how children become interested in physics, chemistry and other sciences after attending this party. A multi-award winning children’s party, this edutainment activity has also won Netmums Award for the Best Kids Party, the BBC’s Dragon’s Den investment and a Queen’s Award.


What events is this show most suited to:  schools, museums, children’s parties, family events, festivals, fairs, theme parks…


Steampunk Science Act

Edutainment: The Art Of Learning Whilst Having Fun

Edutainment options are not limited to children. Learning and having fun has no age restriction, and this Steampunk Science Act is clear evidence of this. A walkabout act performed by three steampunk characters, these eccentric scientists encourage people to use their five senses to understand their environment. By using gadgets and games, they teach people how to do scientific research and become aware of things that often go unnoticed. An edutainment activity that stimulates people’s interest in science and nature, this interactive walkabout act is suitable for both little ones and grownups, who will have the opportunity to learn something together and discover little details in nature they will find fascinating.


What events is this show most suited to: museums, family events, festivals, fairs, theme parks…
Booking edutainment that fits in with your organisation’s ethos will not only help promote your brand in the right way, but it will also draw in visitors to your venue. It has been proved that kid’s intellect is stimulated by education through entertainment. They can learn as they play and enjoy themselves and, in the long run, the benefits of this form of entertainment will be visible at a social, physical, cognitive and emotional level. Useful data and important lessons concerning the environment, science or even about friendship and fellowship can be learnt with edutainment games. Parents and other adults can also learn and have fun with their children, as the above ideas are some of the best edutainment examples of it. 



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Would you like to find out more about edutainment, its benefits and other facts about education through entertainment? Then we highly recommend  checking out Edutopia’s website. Edutopia is a website founded by filmmaker George Lucas, and it is a non-profit organisation that ‘celebrates and encourages innovation’.  As such, we explored some of their posts about edutainment and were very impressed by the insights Edutopia’s writers and researchers shared about the benefits of edutainment. 

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