Eccentric Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Themed Events

Eccentric Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Themed Events

“Personally, I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing, as long as we can come up with a fitting collective term for Powers, Blaylock and myself. Something based on the appropriate technology of the era; like 'steam-punks', perhaps.”

— K.W. Jeter

Coined by science fiction author K.W. Jeter, the term “Steampunk” describes a form of art, writing, fashion and entertainment that combines 19th-century characteristics with futurism. Often based on artists’ conceptions of a post-apocalyptic future in which mankind has reverted back to steam-age technology, steampunk has many varying interpretations, with different authors and designers adapting the concept to suit horror, wild west, Victorian and alien settings. 

Mixing out-dated materials with space-age designs, steampunk symbols include machines made from wood, metal top hats, leather corsets and aircrafts created out of copper and cogs. Not only are there numerous worldwide events and festivals solely dedicated to the steampunk genre, with Lincoln’s “Asylum” and “The Steam Punk Cruise” in Galveston, Texas being two of the most popular. The quirky futuristic style also makes a fun and distinctive one-off theme for festivals, parades, private parties and corporate events. 


Walkabout Characters

Eccentric Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Themed Events

Guests love dressing up for steampunk events since the genre allows for creativity and a DIY approach to costume creation. Because of this, people will be looking to take photographs, and what better accompaniment to a good photo opportunity than some amazing fantasy walkabout entertainers?


Able to integrate with event attendees and make sure that everybody is relaxed and having fun, roaming acts are the ultimate ice-breaking entertainment option. A high quality and impressive steampunk inspired character, our Mechanical Copper Steam Robot may not have a lot to say, but he certainly brings otherworldly energy to festivals and parties as he ushers guests through crowds in his full body copper suit. Emitting real steam from his mask and lighting the way with a genuine miner’s lamp, our steampunk robot costume character is particularly effective at evening events or dimly lit venues.


For outdoor retro-futuristic parades and festivals, you may wish to opt for our full steampunk parade. The professional street theatre group consists of four Victorian themed characters; armed with stylised ribbon blowers, smoke cannons and a striking industrial style vehicle with driver. Promising to create an atmosphere of pure excitement at events, our painted neo-Victorian entertainers will put a smile on the faces of adults and children alike!


To capture you and your friends meeting our futuristic walkabout acts, why not hire a professional photography company like our Instant Magnetic Photos to offer guests a memento of the occasion? Especially suited to corporate events, each magnetic Polaroid can be branded with your company logo, making it a useful marketing tool as well as an imaginative gift for guests.




Eccentric Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Themed Events

As attendees settle into your themed event, you can provide fabulous futuristic snacks to really get people in the celebratory mood. The ultimate steampunk inspired refreshment stand, our Nitrogen Ice Cream Buggy casts a striking shadow with its wood, leather and copper exterior and impressive nitrogen injection system. Offering hundreds of delicious ice cream flavours, from the iconic to the downright wacky, there is no beating our unique ice cream cart for your steampunk festival or party.


If ice cream doesn’t tip your top hat, you can also opt for a futuristic candy floss stand or the outlandish Vaporising Edible Mist Orbs, which use ultrasonic vaporising technology to offer guests a breath of fresh air like they have never tasted before.


For adults looking to wet their whistles steampunk style, our magnificent Champagne Lady can offer you a delicious tipple from one of her fantastical glass spheres. All this and more can be found under the food-themed entertainment section of our website.




Vital to any good Victorian fantasy event, music will define the tone of your special occasion. We recommend high-energy musicians to accompany the excitement of your eccentric theme. 


Drum Band Yorkshire specialise in lively techno, drum & bass, dubstep and funk covers, performed by up to 20 talented percussionists wearing steampunk inspired outfits. Alternatively, animated steampunk trio The Gaslights are the perfect strolling band for smaller scale events and festivals. Performing well-known pop and rock covers, the Dickensian performers never fail to draw a crowd. 




Eccentric Entertainment Ideas for Steampunk Themed Events

One subgenre of the steampunk movement is the intermingling of the category with circus and freak show inspired entertainment. Circus entertainment was hugely popular in the Victorian era, with everything from travelling fairs to theatres offering audiences the opportunity to ogle weird, wonderful and freaky displays. 


Cause a commotion at your event with one of our Victorian steampunk circus acts! From the enigmatic ‘robotic’ Vintage Fortune Teller Booth to an entire Vintage Circus complete with top-hatted knife throwing ringmaster, singing accordionist and circus lion, the bizarre bazaar promises to mesmerise guests as it carouses with a world of retro weirdness.   


For lovers of one of the greatest Victorian inventions: the penny-farthing, our Cycling Circus Show provides a unique, steampunk performance complete with BMX stunts, cyr wheel artists, aerialists and authentic looking costumes. A thrilling performance for audiences of any age, this show aims to emphasise the synergy between ‘man and machine’ present in the fundamental philosophy of the steampunk movement. 


A subgenre of a subgenre, our Gothic Circus Show is the perfect entertainment option for steampunk-inspired Halloween parties and corporate events. With unbelievable costumes, bloodcurdling freak show acts and surreal tricks, this gruesome neo-Victorian circus performance is not for the faint-hearted but is sure to guarantee that your event is never forgotten!

The best thing about the steampunk event theme is its versatility. Guests can get as creative as they like and experiment with different ways of combining futuristic and period costumes. Not only is steampunk a good theme on its own, it also adds a distinctive touch to Alice in Wonderland, Victorian and circus inspired events. If you are looking for more inspiration for your steampunk themed party or wedding, take a look at our steampunk Pinterest board, offering creative ideas for everything from wedding cakes and dresses to your table layout and flower displays. 


Our expert event coordinators at Scarlett Entertainment can help you to coordinate bespoke shows to make your festival or party totally unique. Visit the Victorian, Alice in Wonderland and futuristic entertainment sections of our website today and let us know how we can collaborate to create an otherworldly act befitting your steampunk bonanza!



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