Corporate Entertainment Trends 2015

Corporate Entertainment Trends 2015

As we begin 2015, event planners are looking ahead to plan their calendar for the coming year and this means predicting what will be the next big thing in events. With a number of good articles and blog posts published this month on event technology, event apps, décor and food, we thought it fitting that we showcase what will be big this year in the world of corporate entertainment.

2014 saw 3D Video Projection Mapping, Digital Magicians and Light Painting take off in a big way at events, as event planners and businesses looked to technology to push boundaries and create custom experiences at their events.

To give savvy event planners a heads up and to help keep them ahead of the game when it comes to corporate entertainment, we have put our heads together and come up with a list of the acts and shows that we’re predicting will be popular for 2015.

Hologram Water Display

Holograms have been around for a while, but up until now have been difficult and expensive to project at events. Last autumn, DJ Eric Prydz’s concert at Madison Square Garden saw the creation of the world’s biggest high-res indoor hologram. Holograms were also used by Ralph Lauren to launch their spring collection in New York in the autumn, when they were projected on to a water screen to stunning effect. Hologram water projection displays bring images alive, creating a concept that audiences will want to reach out and touch! This is a fully customisable corporate entertainment option that is perfect for businesses and event planners that want to pull out all the stops.

Creative 3D Video Projection Mapping

In 2014 building and car video mapping shows were all the rage for product launches and car reveals, but for 2015 the boundaries are being pushed and this form of technological art and expression will incorporate other surfaces and objects. Video mapping on to cakes, mannequins, boats and other inanimate objects and vehicles is set to take off as more creative event entertainment is sought for a range of events.

Flying Musicians

Performing at the Dubai Shopping Festival this month, the vertical drumming show is just one act that sees musicians soaring high in the air in a high energy, visual performance. Flying musical acts come in an array of styles and sizes and are guaranteed to add the ‘wow factor’ to any event. Taking music to dizzying new heights, this form of entertainment can include percussion groups and saxophonists to full scale rock bands. This is musical entertainment for event planners and businesses who want to break boundaries and introduce their audience to another level of musical entertainment.

iPad Dance Shows

Used for high profile car reveals around the world, this form of customised digital entertainment is sure to be big this year. With the option to create bespoke graphics and choreography, it is the ideal entertainment option for a range of events from product launches to exhibitions. This is a real audience attention grabber thanks to the unique concept and experience it offers event planners and businesses. If you can imagine it, it can be created using a team of dancers, graphic designers and iPad specialists.

Slow Motion Video Booth

Photobooths for corporate events are so last year! For 2015 the Slow Motion Video Booth is set to take off in a big way and become a fixture at a range of corporate events. A fun and imaginative way to capture moments from your event, this option is fully customisable and a great way to get guests interacting and laughing! Props and themes can be incorporated and copies of all video clips are available for attendees as well!

To keep up to date with new and exciting acts and shows for events throughout 2015, follow us on twitter @scarlettent or email the office for more ideas and inspiration.

__By Marcus

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