Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

It’s not hard to see why Rio De Janeiro is known as Cidade Maravilhosa, the ‘Marvellous City’, famous for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and vivacious carnival festival - renowned the world over for its parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba music. With Rio set to host the 2016 olympics in August, we’re sure to see one high-octane party.

With this in mind, thoughts turn to celebrations, festivals and events of the summer. Why not emulate that Brazilian energy by bringing the flavour and passion of a carnival procession to your own event? A Rio party atmosphere makes for a great theme, guaranteed to see everyone in ornate, out-landish costume, up on their feet, dancing to the sounds of samba music from dusk to dawn. 

The Rio Carnival theme is set to be huge over the coming months so make sure your party stands apart and is remembered by all who attend. Keep it simple by focusing on five key elements. 

Decor to set the scene

Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

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Decor is always an important factor when organising a themed party. Attention to detail is imperative if you want to recreate an authentic atmosphere for your guests. It’s also the perfect place to start when planning your event. We’ve come up with some handpicked tips to help you set the scene and master that inimitable Rio vibe:


- Research your theme thoroughly focusing on imagery and style.

- Devise a colour scheme, include traditional yellows, blues and greens: colours which are repre-sented in the Brazilian flag and evoke images of the tropics!

- Source stand out props such as palms, Brazilian flags, exotic feathers, tropical fruit and brightly coloured plants and flowers. If you want to go all out and really wow your guests, why not even hire a replica of the statue of Christ to emulate the impressive scene of Mount Corcovado?

- A nice touch to set your party apart from others is to give each of your guests a personalised prop for the night such as a brightly coloured hula flower garland, associated with Latin American countries. 


We have compiled a fabulous Rio Olympics Pinterest board to help you with any extra Brazilian decor and entertainment inspiration you might need!


Offer a true Flavour of Brazil 

Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

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Cuisine in Rio is as vibrant and flavoursome as the culture so make sure you choose dishes that portray this. If you want to check out where to eat in Rio, have a look at the city's best restaurant's here.


Some authentic dishes that are easy to prepare and cook in large quantities include:


Arroz e Feijao - This is possibly the most traditional Brazilian dish around, it comes in the form of a simple but tasty plate of rice and beans, either with meat or fish and served with a salad.


Churrasco Rodizio - What better way to enjoy true flavours of Brazil than in an all you can eat barbecue, ideal if you are hosting your party outdoors. 


Feijoada - This celebrated national dish consists of a black bean stew with beef and pork, the perfect one-pot creation for a hungry crowd. 


Moqueca - Treat your guests to Brazilian-style sea food at its finest, with a shrimp or fish stew en-riched with coconut milk, served with theatrical flourish as the piping hot clay pot is uncovered at the table.


Salt cod fritters, stuffed crab shells and cheese bread - If you want to keep it simple, opt for Brazilian finger food, a great party option when catering for large volumes of guests. 


Dress for the occasion 

Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

There is no other element to a party that will ensure your guests are elevated into the true spirit of Rio than that of costume. Colourful carnival masks are a must for all, even if no other authentic attire is worn.  


Ladies - The traditional samba costume leaves most of the body uncovered and is adorned with bright colours, feathers, beads, jewels and rhinestones. Brightly coloured flowers are also a must. If you’d rather not expose too much flesh, perhaps opt for a Baiana dress or a long full skirt and turban-like head scarf. Include a bright colourful shawl and some beaded jewellery and you will look every inch the part. 


Gentlemen - The gaucho population traditionally wears Bombachas. Comprising of trousers that can be twinned with a poncho over a white shirt, teamed with a wide brimmed hat and leather boots. This is a great choice, offering an authentic look for male party goers. 


Entertain in true Brazilian style 


Lastly, entertainment is, without doubt, the most important factor to any Brazilian inspired party, in-stantly transporting your guests to South America. There are endless entertainment options and Olympic themed acts on offer to bring your Rio 2016 event to life. Guests love to be greeted as they arrive at a venue. Why not hire a wow factor Rio parade of professional performers dressed in elaborate carnival outfits? Add to your welcome reception our traditional Batucada drummers who will be sure to fill your event with upbeat samba rhythms, certain to energise guests with their spirited authenticity.  


A drinks reception is possibly one of the simplest though most effective elements to hosting your Rio themed party. It will instantly set the mood and encourage everyone to get into the spirit of the event. Hire a samba band to perform lounge samba or chilled Latin American tunes. Guests will instantaneously be transported to tropical climates once sipping their Caipirinhas, listening to the carnival beats. These relaxed Brazilian sounds will set the tone for the night and ensure all party-goers are swinging their hips to the soulful rhythms. 


Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

Below are a few handpicked performances that will add true Rio inspired flavour to your event or party.


Rio Carnival Show Girls - Flamboyantly dressed, these carnival girls offer glittering choreographed routines and freestyle samba.


Capoeira Dancers - A Brazilian fusion of fitness, acrobatics, self defence, dance and music makes for a unique display, assured to hold everyones attention.


Rio Style Carnival Percussion - An amazing percussion orchestra performing Afro Brazilian music using traditional instruments. This act is diverse, energetic and guaranteed to get everyone up on their feet dancing. 


Samba Band - Hire authentic Brazilian singers to entertain with their beautiful tones and vocals. 


Brazilian samba dancers - Their infectious Samba rhythms will ensure none of your guests remain seated. Offering a vibrant performance with colourful costumes, live singing and percussion, our samba dancers are sure to bring a taste of Rio to your event. 


Rio Olympics Stilt Walking Act - Unique stilt entertainers, inspired by culture and spirit of Rio De Janeiro. These impressive performers are the perfect choice of Brazilian walk about act, mingling with guests, making for great photo opportunities throughout the evening. 


The Finale - Offer your guests an experience to remember

Bring The Flavour Of A Brazilian Carnival To Your Event

To replicate the perfect Rio Olympics party finale, why not also book some sports related entertainment such as an Acrobat and Aerialist to perform breathtaking aerial artistry guaranteed to wow guests at any event? Brazilian parties are known to continue into the early hours; to ensure guests are entertained until the close of doors book some after dinner entertainment and a finale act to leave a lasting impression. Amaze party-goers by hiring Capoeira performers, set to impress with their athletic agility and acrobatics in an amazing show that demonstrates the highly celebrated Brazilian martial art.


Scarlett Entertainment & Events can provide you with diverse solutions for your inimitable Rio Olympics themed party. Offering the very best of everything in the entertainment world, from the performers to the venue and the decor, creating an unforgettable experience for your private event. 


Contact one of our professional team to talk about booking our unique services for your personalised event. 



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