Behind The Scenes of Scarlett Entertainment’s Christmas Video 2016

Behind The Scenes of Scarlett Entertainment’s Christmas Video 2016

Ever wanted to find out what happens behind the scenes when we create one of our amazing videos? Well you’re in luck because we’re about to give you a sneak peak into the life of our video editing team when it comes to a mammoth project such as this – creating the Scarlett Entertainment Christmas video 2016 – through the laughter, the tears, and the frustrations!

Getting Organised

We started getting ready to create our Christmas video in early September this year. Splitting the song into nine different sections we emailed a huge number of artists to see if they’d like to take part – cue us creating an immense number of online folders to ensure that nothing was missed or lost! As we received each piece of footage it was added into the video timeline… and it slowly started to come together piece by piece.

How did we record it?

The simple answer is we didn’t – with the exception of our staff in the office. We relied on our lovely acts to expertly record each of their sections. Our digital team (reluctantly) relinquished control along with a strict set of guidelines to be followed – so help anyone that recorded in portrait rather than landscape!

When it came to our staff recording their sections we encouraged them to get creative when they were out at events. Our Social Media Manager Xabi recorded in front of the Burj Khalifa wearing a Santa hat, whilst our Destination Events Manager chose the Eiffel Tower!

Of course we also needed to capture the Christmas spirit that pervades the office at this time of year so we devised a fun team challenge: ‘build a tree in less than 5 minutes’ – yes that did include physically building it and then decorating it. Thank goodness they were only 3ft! Once the office was decorated we put our chosen Christmas song on LOUD and got everyone to dance and sing along – not a hard feat really! So the filming commenced!

Behind The Scenes of Scarlett Entertainment’s Christmas Video 2016

Splicing and dicing

We ended up with footage from over 50 acts; each piece filmed in a different setting and location… not any easy job for our Visual Content Editor to bring them all together into one seamless play of motion and sound!


It also meant that we had a lot of footage to fit into a song 3 minutes and 25 seconds long. Some hard decisions had to be made, but all of our artists that sent us footage appear in the video – nothing was left to waste. The name of each artist can be found alongside their footage in the video.


Another challenge our Visual Content Editor faced was ensuring that the speed of the music created by our lovely A Capella Choir London matched the speed of our performers lip-synching. Always the perfectionist, of course, our Editor prevailed slowing bits down and speeding bits up until he reached success!


Last but not least, when the video itself was finished the star on top was creating the visuals to be used across our social media accounts and website to promote our hard work.


Behind The Scenes of Scarlett Entertainment’s Christmas Video 2016

Why do we do it?

Why do we do this every year we hear you ask? Wouldn’t it be easier to just make one filmed entirely ourselves? Yes it would, more than likely, but then our video wouldn’t include the whole Scarlett Entertainment family, which encompasses our acts just as much as it does our staff!


All that’s left to say is that we wish you all a very merry Christmas wherever you are and whatever you’re doing to celebrate this year, through this video. So please go watch it, like it and share it to spread the joy of a Scarlett Entertainment Christmas!


P.S. You can find out more about all of the artists who took part in the Scarlett Entertainment Christmas video 2016 by clicking on the links in the video’s description.



__By Alanna Bestwick

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