A Rainbow of Entertainment - Celebrate Diversity With Our Pride Inspired Acts

A Rainbow of Entertainment - Celebrate Diversity With Our Pride Inspired Acts

Celebrating LGBTQ+ culture, social and self-acceptance, achievements, legal rights and pride, Pride events have been an important fixture for the LGBTQ+ community since 1970. 

From ground-breaking beginnings in 1970’s America to the iconic celebrations in London, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and beyond, Pride celebrations have inspired social change and spread to hundreds of cities across the world as a beacon of acceptance, colour and energy. 

Showcasing an incredible line-up of vibrant entertainment, join the party as thousands of people of all genders, sexualities, races and faiths come together every year for a series of Pride events across the world! We take a look at our favourite pride inspired entertainment for parades, festivals, parties and rainbow-themed events.

Jump into Rainbow Themed Entertainment

A symbol of peace in times gone by, the rainbow flag (or Pride flag) has since become synonymous with LGBT+ social movements. Routinely used as a show of LGBT+ identity and solidarity, brands and individuals alike have turned to the colours of the rainbow to demonstrate acceptance. Jump into the colour spectrum with our stunning rainbow themed entertainment. 

Immersive Rainbow Light Show

Shining a light on diversity, many iconic buildings light up in rainbow colours during Pride. Take inspiration from the White House and the London Eye to the Eifel Tower and Empire State Building, and shower your venue in multicoloured light. 

This immersive rainbow light show puts attendees at your event in the centre of an awe-inspiring experience. Ideal entertainment for public shows and large scale events, this lighting show is family friendly and an excellent choice for festivals. 

LED Flag Walkers

In the same vein, these simple flag walkers can create high impact en masse as they perform a choreographed show or march together in an illuminated rainbow parade. Highly flexible, our Flag Walkers are available on stilts, on foot, with glowing lanterns or flags.  

Poodle Parade

A fun and completely unique walkabout act, this vibrant fairytale-like ringmaster and his five colourful poodles ooze a fantastic camp aesthetic. Perfect for parades, the giant poodles in clashing coloured furs and performing on jump stilts turn heads with stunning costumes, musical instruments and an irresistible photo opportunity.  


A Rainbow of Entertainment - Celebrate Diversity With Our Pride Inspired Acts

Party with Purpose! 

In an unstable world where people are fed up of perceived inactivity from governments and politics, brands hold new power when it comes to reinventing social narratives and supporting change. While Pride revolves around a party atmosphere, it’s important to retain its social purpose and activist role. 

Start a conversation with powerful messages and passionate activists by empowering a whole spectrum of acts. 

Jordan Gray

Singer Jordan Gray (Tall Dark Friend) found international fame after her appearance on The Voice UK in 2016. Now one of the UK’s most iconic Trans musicians and an inspiration to the LGBT+ community, she is available to book as a solo originals singer and cover singer for events around the world. Her piano/synth-based styles hops from genre to genre, featuring mind-blowing medleys, unique mash-ups, original tracks and covers from the 20s to the present.

Drag Artists Show

Drag shows may think that the nature of their art is enough to wow, but these drag artists are far more audacious and, as a result, far more engaging. An arresting visual spectacle that leaves audiences speechless, our five drag queens perform jaw-dropping themed shows with songs from Chicago, Priscilla, Smash and more. There’s one message behind the show....be your own kind of beautiful.

Lady Gaga Tribute

An icon of our generation, Lady Gaga burst onto the scene a decade ago with an explosion of glittery escapism, revolutionary performances and mighty lyrics.
How better to pay tribute to an idol than with a tribute? Our Lady Gaga impersonator pays homage through the costumes, sounds and attitude of the real star and has performed for Pride events in Madrid, Mallorca and Frankfurt.


A Rainbow of Entertainment - Celebrate Diversity With Our Pride Inspired Acts

Embrace A Theme From The Scene

Studio 54

An infamous nightclub in the late 1970s at the peak of disco dancing, Studio 54 became renowned for its celebrity guest lists, restrictive entry policies and anything-goes liberal attitude. Bring the glitter, glamour and rebellious spirit to life with an array of fabulous large than life acts including these sassy disco Golden Silk Aerialists.


Showcasing a whole host of performing arts, comedy, music, dance and theatre, Pride events bring together a fascinating mix of variety shows and cabaret. From themed burlesque and illusions to circus and drag, create your own titillating line up from our roster of cabaret acts. 

Go old school with vintage themed circus acts, 1920s jazz singers, an irreverent host, plenty of audience interaction and as much sparkle as you can!


What could be more fabulous than Broadway? Featuring all singing, all dancing numbers from stage and screen, our shows, dancers and tributes are sure to bring all of our favourites to life. 

From classics like Chicago and Wicked to more recent hits such as The Cher Show and Waitress, nothing encapsulates the excitement of Broadway like powerhouse renditions of musical numbers you can sing and dance along to.


A Rainbow of Entertainment - Celebrate Diversity With Our Pride Inspired Acts

Pride Inspired Entertainment 

Whether you’re looking for entertainment for your own Pride event, to celebrate Pride week in your city, or want to show solidarity with rainbow themed entertainment, the party and purpose atmosphere of Pride offers electric inspiration for all kinds of events.

Get in touch and find your perfect Pride inspired entertainment!

__By Freya Britton

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