5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

If you're looking to create hype and excitement at your event, one of the most effective ways to do so is with a high impact drumming show. Dramatic, dynamic, empowering, these words are just as apt for describing the performance style as well as the music itself.  Our drumming ensembles come in a range of sizes and forms and can tailor their performances to reflect themes such as strength and determination, using rhythms, costumes, and lighting to tell a story. Whether you are organising a corporate event, product launch, exhibition, festival, or public event we have a drum show to suit.

We've picked out five of our favourite types of drumming shows including LED, aerial, and Taiko with suggestions about how each could work at your event.

LED Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

LED drumming performances combine fluid movement and the latest technology to create visually stunning percussion shows.


With every stroke of our performers' drum sticks a burning trail of light is left in the air, whilst coloured LEDs in the drums themselves pulse in time with the music. Utterly mesmerising to watch, and best enacted in dim or black out lighting conditions our LED percussion shows are incredibly high-impact.


A great way to introduce this type of drumming show and surprise guests is to have performers parade through the audience in the semi-darkness to the stage. Starting off softly and building to a crescendo as they reach their place of performance and the lights burst forth - guests will be stunned by the appearance of illuminated drummers as their breathtaking show gets underway.


LED drumming ensembles work particularly well at corporate events as an energising after dinner show, or grand finale for a corporate conference. Many of our LED drumming groups can incorporate branding onto the outside of their drums, which when illuminated or silhouetted looks absolutely stunning - this is a great option for product launches and brand reveals. The LED lights can also be programmed to represent company and brand colours, and our drummers can create custom performances based round your company jingle on request.


Of course our LED drummers also work well in twilight parades, their LED lights dazzling spectators and their high-energy rhythms creating a carnival feel. Alternatively, if you are organising a private party or club opening event our LED drum shows go hand in hand with the limited light conditions and create a fun party atmosphere.

Fire and Water Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

Instead of LED or light based percussionists consider other element based drumming shows such as water and fire.


A highly skilled fire drumming troupe can offer a dramatic show packed full of amazing visuals and impressive percussion. Using flaming drumsticks our expert percussionists put on an infectious high-energy performance that is both dangerous and exciting. As well as performing with flaming sticks, the drumheads can also be set alight for an even more daring drum show. Coupling this thrilling element with loud pulsing rhythms that can be felt through your entire body, our fire drumming shows are something you will never forget. Our fire drummers are particularly suited to large-scale festivals, Halloween celebrations, and corporate celebrations where they will enthral audiences during a short, high-impact 15 minute show.


Of course fire isn't for everyone. Our water drummers can put on a captivating performance where with every strike of the drum head a jet of water is shot up into the air, each water droplet capturing the light of upward facing LED lights placed within the drum. This creates a truly beautiful visual effect. The LED lights can be programmed to display any colour.


Both fire and water drummers offer outstanding drums shows, the soundtrack of which can be tailored to suit your specific event. Whether you're looking for something non-stop or that slowly builds to a climax, they will provide something truly epic.

Aerial Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

In a show where high energy drumming meets aerial acrobatics, our aerial percussionists offer spectacular drumming shows that combine an intense musical performance with a breathtaking visual experience. Extremely impressive due to their immense scale and skill required to execute them, our aerial drumming ensembles are a popular choice for festivals, corporate events, product launches, and building reveals.


Both thrilling and daring, our aerial percussionists are a great way to motivate and energise guests during a conference or after a corporate dinner, and they also fit perfectly with themes of determination and fortitude. Showcasing a magnitude of skills including athleticism, acrobatics, musicality, and the ability to keep rhythm despite flying through the air, our aerial drummers will inspire your corporate audiences to reach for new heights. Our aerial percussionists can perform against an ordinary backdrop or an LED screen displaying a video or image for added visual impact.


Aerial percussionists also work beautifully well when they are joined by additional acts on stage such as elegant aerial silk performers or energetic ground-based dancers, creating a multidimensional performance that will leave audiences not knowing where to look! The possibilities are endless and our aerial percussionists can be paired with almost any additional entertainment you desire to create a unique custom show that your audience won't forget in a hurry.

Brazilian Samba Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

Samba drumming troupes are a great way to add a flavour of one of the world's most enticing countries to any event. Bringing to life Brazil's vibrant culture through musical flair, our Samba drummer’s high-energy percussion show will energise and excite your audience.


Considered by many to provide the ultimate Brazilian experience with their infectious rhythms and lively stage presence, our Brazilian samba drumming shows are colourful, high-energy, and packed full of the authentic sounds of Latin America. Our Brazilian drumming groups can tailor their performances to also include percussion pieces with flamenco, funk and reggae influences for a full cultural awakening, and can even add in interactive sessions.


Our powerful samba beats can be accompanied by highly skilled capoeira performers or dazzling samba dancers in full dress to create a full-scale show that is guaranteed to wow audiences on every level.


A style of music that is inherently upbeat, feel-good and celebratory, our samba drummers are the perfect way to motivate, inspire, and lift the spirits of any corporate gathering.

Japanese Taiko Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

Our Taiko drummers offer another cultural percussion show that will empower and energise your audience with pounding beats and impressive displays of power and energy.


Taiko drumming is an authentic Japanese art form that has been performed for centuries. Renowned for its immense sound and thunderous percussion style, Japanese drumming will leave you feeling the rhythm of the beats vibrating through your body, along with an electric energy that will stay with audiences long after the performance is over. These traditional percussionists perform with incredible energy, jumping high into the air as they bring down their drumsticks for each beat ensuring that their drums shows are as impressive to watch as they are to listen to. The drums themselves also come in a range of sizes, from small to some much bigger than a man!


Simple yet extremely impressive, Taiko drumming is often a favourite choice of entertainment for corporate product launches, award ceremonies and festivals. Japanese Taiko drumming shows are certain to make any event go with a bang.


If you want to add even more drama to this already jaw-dropping style of percussion show you can add in additional skilled Japanese performing artists. For example, traditional Japanese dancers could perform a fully choreographed routine to the Taiko rhythms for added impact.

Custom Drumming Shows

5 Ways WIth Drumming Shows For Your Event

If you want something completely different for your event, a drumming show that has never been seen before, get in contact with our entertainment coordinators who can help make your vision a reality. Able to combine any style of percussion performance with dramatic visuals and additional dancers and performers, we can create a drum show that has been completely custom made for your event. Designed to impress, inspire and energise audiences, our drumming shows are exactly the type of entertainment you've been searching for it you want to make a lasting impact at your event.

We're here to help

If you would like specific recommendations for any of the types of drum shows mentioned in this article you can get in touch with our entertainment coordinators on 01626 572072.


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