5 Ways to Effectively Incorporate Event Tech Into Events

5 Ways to Effectively Incorporate Event Tech Into Events

Entertainment, AV signage, drones, and more, the world of technology presents a new adventure for the digital dreamer, especially when it comes to events. There are constant updates to event apps, new ways to collect “cashless cash” with mobile payments, and different twists to traditional favourites in order to stay relevant, cutting edge, and event industry trending.

Every event is unique; even a series of events tries to improve upon each session to continually build a better experience. As exciting and engaging as this world of event technology can be, it easily invites overwhelm when looking for the “right fit” for your event. See how to effectively incorporate event tech into your events with these 5 tips.


1. Stay connected, stay present.


Mindfulness is not just about meditation and well-being, but what’s happening NOW, and in industry terms: real time. Whether it’s event marketing on a social network or prioritizing your event staff tasks, having access to tools that will amplify your real-time efficiency will do wonders. Live streaming, connecting suppliers with exhibitors, keeping attendees informed.

No matter the challenge, there’s an app for that.


2. Know your numbers.


Big Data is here to stay, and event professionals not only need to know how deal with their event budgets, but all of their event numbers - attendance included.

  • Are you looking to see how many attendees are interested in/attend a particular session or talk?
  • Do you want to see how many people pre-register for an event vs. how many on-site registration walk-ins occurred on event day?
  • What about if time or location are variables that affect your event attendance?

There are hundreds of questions (and numbers) to take into consideration, but once establishing your event ROI goals, the easier it is to narrow down on what event technology is going to get you there.


3. Foster the experience.


Events are all about the participation and engagement these days. Attendees prefer not to be “talked to” but “spoken with,” sharing ideas and information with other attendees, vendors, speakers, etc. They’re looking for different, informative, and entertaining -- and lucky for event organizers -- the dynamic and ever-changing world of event technology is just that.

The key: Know your event audience well enough to include something innovative will open doors to the type of tech you need.


4. Personify your technology.


Every day there’s a different technology, a new app, another program, and this is especially so for the event industry. Holograms at events were trending for a reason, and not solely of their futuristic vibe but for humanizing existing technology. The more technologically savvy society becomes, the higher the face value of face-to-face value. As techy as you want the event to be, it’s nice to have a system of support should your technical support system fail.

It’s crucial to keep the overwhelm at bay, and depending on your event, staff, and attendee needs, you can better select the right kind of event tech to plug into on event day.


5. All-for-one or one-for-all: Be flexible!


Using one app can be just as tedious and confusing as using every social channel, believe it or not. It’s nice to have all the bells and whistles, but it’s more efficient if the tech you’re using sings your “event tune.” Decide what integral feature and services you prefer, and ask for options of integrations to allow for flexibility.




To get the most out of your event and the technology you choose to work with, be sure it adds to the experience of the attendee, the event staff, and the post-event tasks. This will ensure that the buzz surrounding your event will live long after the doors close, and you’ll be able to better prepare for future events.

The team behind Boomset’s event technology solutions knows that besides having efficient and effective products and services, events that implement technology like check-in apps, data reporting and more, are taken to the next level - above and beyond - through support and extra attention to detail. Click here to learn more about how Boomset’s guest check-in app, lead retrieval tool, and on-site badge printing (and more!) are optimizing events worldwide.


Guest bio: Monica Wolyniec is an aficionada of mindful marketing, specializing as a digital liaison and marketing professional at Boomset. She loves yoga, “checking in” with new tech, and catching up on lifestyle and wellness chat. She is especially focused on sharing knowledge and industry insight while establishing international connections across social platforms. Connect with her @Boomset or @itsmemonicamarie.

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