5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a little inspiration for your Valentine’s Day party or themed event? We have just what you need on our roster of tempting cabaret acts for hire.

Awash with pink hearts, red roses and a glaze of cutesy imagery, Valentine’s Day entertainment can often get lost among the romantic haze. While there’s always a place for romanticism, this year we also want to inject a kick into our Valentine entertainment ideas to get our clients a little hot under the collar. And what better entertainment to turn to than our roster of all-grown-up burlesque shows and cabaret acts?

Check out our five top recommendations for the best burlesque shows and cabaret acts just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Fuel Girls 

Offering up a truly breathtaking form of edgy Valentine’s Day entertainment, the Fuel Girls are a multi-skilled performance group that specialise in aerial shows, fire and pyro performances.


Playing with huge fire props including swords, whips, crowns of fire, dragon canes, fire wands, and giant aerial fire cubes, these girls are sure to get pulses raising with their devil-may-care attitude and death-defying stunts.


Each Fuel Girl plays her own seductive character inspired by an array of cultures, pop culture influences, fetishes, subculture scenes and themes. Beautiful yet deadly, our Fuel Girls are constantly creating new ideas, skills and themes to keep their performances fresh, edgy and interesting. A must for a passion-fuelled night of explosive entertainment!


5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

Our Fuel Girls put the edge into burlesque shows with their own delectable taste of danger


Los Vivancos

One of our most in-demand cabaret acts for hire, Los Vivancos is a Flamenco dance company comprised of seven brothers and a showcase of intense masculinity.  


Drawing upon the fiery rhythms of Flamenco from their native Spain, these seven brothers perform a dramatic and impassioned stage show of music, dance and acrobatics. 


A blend of art and spectacle, these exceptionally talented brothers are accomplished dancers and musicians that combine Flamenco music with rock, Latin rhythms and classics from composers such as Paganini, Vivaldi and Bach. 


Wearing stripped back costumes that show off the brothers’ toned physiques, their impressive display of strength, rhythm, musicianship and acrobatic prowess demonstrate a new contemporary take on iconic Flamenco steps. Performing feats of furious footwork, their energy and raw talent is stuff fantasies are made of.


5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

Los Vivancos showcase a fantasy of raw masculinity and passionate Flamenco


Burlesque Act Sukki

Brace yourself for a showcase of burlesque glamour like nothing else. Our Burlesque Act Sukki is among the world’s most talked about cabaret acts for her dazzling technique, trail-blazing concepts and jaw-dropping beauty. 


Singapore’s first burlesque act, Sukki gained phenomenal global recognition by performing the first fully legal burlesque show in Singapore in January 2015 after four years of campaigning. A beacon of female empowerment and accomplishment, she performs lavish and elaborate performances which she intertwines with a unique Asian-influenced style.


From classic Hollywood and 1920s Great Gatsby to Bollywood and even unicorn themes, Sukki performs a ravishing tease every time, seducing and exciting the audience into red-hot rapturous applause.


5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

One of our most thrilling burlesque acts for hire, Sukki is an indisputable female powerhouse


Multimedia Burlesque Show

Starring the creme de la creme of the international burlesque and circus community, this burlesque-meets-light-meets-art show offers a contemporary performance with state of the art video mapping. 


A high-tech take on vintage themes, our Multimedia Burlesque Show is set to a disco soundtrack and backdrop of neon light culminating in an explosive fusion of video mapping graphics and sensual dance. Fantastic for mesmerising and technology-enhanced Valentine’s Day entertainment!


5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

Our video-mapped burlesque butterfly lights up the night 


Male Burlesque Show

An extraordinary professional dancer, our Male Burlesque Artist is certain to cause a stir with his signature dark and dramatic neo-burlesque style routines. Performing with true flair he is an expert at captivating audiences and sending them into a frenzy.


Sensual and mysterious, this versatile performer has a range of characters and costumes to delight audiences with, including rugged cowboys, dapper gentlemen, the legendary lover Casanova, and many more.


Guaranteed to make your event one to remember, our sensational boylesque artist promises to deliver a high quality, dynamic performance that really packs a punch!


5 Of Our Sexist Acts - Acts To Get You Hot Under The Collar This Valentine’s Day

Our Male Burlesque Artist delivers a dark and smouldering burlesque show


Make a Splash with your Valentine’s Day Entertainment 

A sizzling dance style that incorporates elements of cabaret and features elaborate costumes, ornate props, and enthralling choreography; hiring a burlesque act is a guaranteed way to make sure your event is unique and leaves audiences with a lasting impression.


Inspired by our roundup of burlesque shows and cabaret acts for hire? Scarlett Entertainment offers a whole roster of burlesque artists in the UK, Europe, US, Asia and beyond. Discover more of our burlesque artists and prepare to be struck by Cupid’s arrow.


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