5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018

5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018

When promoting your brand you need to ask yourself what you want people to think of when they see your logo, store, company sign or brand colours. Getting your brand’s ethos, personality and style across to your audiences, consumers and employees is of vital importance when promoting your brand, whether you are hosting your own event or making a presence at an exhibition, trade stand or corporate function. 

What is Event Branding?

Event branding is all about capturing the essence and personality of your brand and marketing it effectively to align with your ethos, target audiences and company principles. This can be done both through onsite branding at events with photobooths, handouts and trendy pop up stands that draw people to your brand as well as digital branding on event websites, apps and email marketing. 

In an article written by Brandon Rafalson for The Bizzabo Blog on Event Branding: The 2018 Guide, Rafalson distinguishes why event branding matters, drawing on statistics such as:

•    45% of a brand image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it
•    A signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80% as found by the University of Loyola Maryland
•    60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences when dealing with brands online, in store or by phone

With these statistics in mind the importance of promoting your brand both on and offline is imperative. 

So what creative ways do branding experts apply when promoting a brand?

According to the Event Marketing 2018 report, live events represent the single most effective marketing channel due to how well they work in relation to digital marketing strategies. 

By blending offline experiences with the opportunities to share online and post on social media, you not only create a buzz at your event but you get your brands name out to the masses through new avenues, target audiences and demographics. 

1. Interactive Photobooths

A great way to combine on and offline brand promotion at your event is via interactive selfie and photobooths. Everyone loves a good photo, so combine the attraction for capturing moments with a trendy and unique concept/photobooth and voila! Your guests are happy snapping away and what is more, they are sharing the content instantaneously to their personal and business social media accounts with your branding, logo and/or event name on the images!

5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018


Our London Taxi Photobooth is the perfect means of attracting guests with its quintessentially British design that adds another dynamic to your trade stand, exhibition and event and guarantees stunning photos with it’s chandelier encrusted interior and fun props - we expect to see a lot of interactive photobooths at corporate events in 2018.


2. Experiential Events

In an article written by Event Brite, Ian Edwards, Chief Executive of Celtic Manor Resort and International Convention Centre Wales identifies that experientially-led events have become increasingly popular with companies and brands wanting to provide experiences that their delegates will remember. With many of our clients opting for more experiential events, the need to be creative and interactive seems to be a hot trend in 2018.


In October 2017, our Mad Scientists, Wizard and Magician were booked by Westfield Shopping Centre as a pop up stand that entertained young shoppers with science experiments, card tricks and wizardry brilliance. 


5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018


Bringing a fun and exciting addition to the London shopping centre, our acts offered shoppers a unique experience that was incredibly interactive and memorable.


3. Personalised Gifts

Gifting your attendees, delegates and clients with personalised mementos at your event is a creative way to wow your guests as well as provide a constant reminder of your brand and event. Not only providing attendees with keepsakes to take home with them but providing an interactive service at your event, the personalised gift option creates a buzz at your event and adds to the memorability even after the event has happened. With a host of options available our glass engraverwine caricaturist and Spanish fan painter all boast the perfect personalized gift option that provide a constant reminder of your brand and event. 


5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018


4. The Latest Technology 

As technology still speeds ahead, it’s no surprise that VR and projection mapping technologies provide an enhanced engagement for social media audiences. Dew Jones, Bilingual Social Media Consultant at AWR Cymru notes that technology is becoming more and more important for organisers to use in order to reach and achieve the needs of their social media audiences, before, during and after the event. With selfie walls providing the perfect opportunity to increase engagement during your event as well as after due to guests using specific hashtags to feature on the wall, this not only brings guests together at your event but gains traction online on social media. 


Our VR Photobooth takes interactive event entertainment to a new level with state of the art technology perfectly matched to current trends. Using a green screen backdrop, your guests can snap themselves in a full 360 view and share instantly on their social media channels.


5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018


5. Pop up venue

Pop up venues are an increasing corporate event trend and fantastic way to get creative with branding at your event, trade show and exhibition as they instantly create a new dynamic that is unique and visually appealing. Our UK event tipis boast the ultimate pop up event space that creates an on trend experience that stands out and draws people to your brand. Making your trade stand and exhibition stand out from the rest is a vital part of drawing more guests to your brand and aligning your company as a forward thinking and on trend brand. With a range of pop up stands available these instantaneous temporary venues instantly spark interest and are fantastic for PR stunts and product launches.


5 Creative Ways Event Branding Experts Use To Promote a Brand in 2018



Having explored a range of creative corporate event trends and how branding experts apply them, promoting your brand should feel a lot less daunting. With new technology providing new opportunities to reach new audiences as well as engage with loyal consumers, delegates and clients the need for enhancing personal engagement at events with engaging formats, pop up venues and personalised gifts is of an increasing importance in 2018. We anticipate that a wide range of corporate events in 2018 will apply the corporate event trends mentioned in this article in order to help promote their brand in a new and engaging way that is immensely successful.



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__By Charlotte Russell

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