Remote Working: 20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

What’s the key to successful teamwork while working remotely?

Every manager or business owner cares about working relationships in their teams. Developing good morale in any organisation has the potential to improve people’s motivation and subsequently improve productivity. But with COVID-19, working practices have been disrupted and we’ve found ourselves in a situation where the majority of the population is working remotely.

So how do you run virtual team building? 

The word virtual might initially sound like a hurdle to overcome but the truth is it has never been easier to organise fun team building activities remotely.

We’ve developed a carefully curated list of the best virtual team building activities and over the last few weeks have been putting these activities through their paces to make sure they are up for the task! 

Promote strong positive working relationships while people are working from home and show your team that you support them with the challenges they face in the coming months. 

Let’s get started. Here are the virtual team building activities that will help your team to form and maintain bonds no matter where they are located in the world. 

1. Interactive and immersive magic experiences

From wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent to performing in stadiums to an intimate show in your home. Our digital magician can perform an interactive show where your team can get involved with tricks, plus there’s also the option to learn a trick or two.


2. Virtual escape rooms

Escape rooms are a fantastic team-building tool for improving communication and a virtual escape room is no different. Your team will work together in real-time to crack puzzles and solve clues to escape on time. Why not try testing your team by customising the escape room with questions and tasks focused on your brand or key messages?


20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

3. Virtual murder mystery

This virtual whodunit is a live interactive comedy murder experience. Professionally written and packed full of entertainment and humour, this smooth virtual experience will take your team on a journey and challenge their intuition by getting them to predict who committed the murder. Choose from a range of themes and packages to suit your team, and then sit back and watch the drama unfold. 


4. Junk band percussion workshop

This bite-size online workshop is the perfect energiser to start off team activity. Using items from around the house your team can turn the ordinary everyday object into a percussion instrument. This interactive online experience can be streamed via Zoom so there's the option to record the session and offer participants the option to share on their social media. 


5. Interactive team-building quiz

This is an online quiz with a twist. Streamed into the homes of your team with a live host who will guide you through the evening. Featuring games such as ‘Rapid Fire name that Tune’ and ’Super Star Air Guitar’ this interactive quiz combines trivia questions with interactive tasks which really challenge your team to use their ingenuity and creativity.




20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

6. Lockdown karaoke

Does your team love karaoke? This is a fun way to unite your team and boost morale using the power of song. This virtual activity is perfect for large teams.  No special equipment needed just a phone or laptop, an internet connection and their voice!


7. Virtual away day

Combining the elements of quiz questions, escape room riddles, cryptic tasks and video challenges this virtual away day is the ultimate test in communication. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible, challenging your team to think strategically while racing against the clock.


8. Online origami workshops

Create beautiful wow factor origami with our talented origami artist. This workshop would be live-streamed using multiple camera angles to guide your team through different origami models. The session is accessible to beginners and art can be created using paper found in your home, this is a fantastic way to teach your team a new skill and have a lovely keepsake they can have at home.




20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

9. Sip and sketch

Using your phone or tablet you can transform the popular sip and sketch activity into an online team-building experience. Using an image selected by you, a professional artist will teach the basics of drawing and allow your team to get in touch with their creative side. The drink accompanying the activity is up to you. 


10. Flair bartending experience

Our award-winning flair bartender and mixologist live lessons and workshops for people of all abilities using the personal, playful and insightful approach. Ahead of the event you will personalise your cocktail menu and be provided with a shopping list so that when you log into the live session you’re ready to go!


11. Virtual wine tasting experience

Treat your team to a live session with a top sommelier where they can experience a guided tasting full of engaging information, team-building games, humour and stunning wines. This is a luxurious virtual experience your team won’t forget. 

Note: we also offer whiskey and craft beer tasting experiences too! 






20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

12. Virtual beatboxing workshop

You and your team will learn the basics of beatbox in this cool online workshop. You will be guided through beatbox patterns, play fun musical games and finish with an EPIC beatbox battle with an acapella song which you will have learnt in the session. This pitch-perfect team activity is a great ice breaker and will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.


13. Interactive health and wellbeing workshops

Promote health and wellbeing with a choice of over 200 workshops ranging from nutrition, mindfulness and sound baths through to yoga and Tai Chi. Workshops can be streamed live and will give your team healthy hacks to improve their mentally and physically wellbeing. 




20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

14. Cooking workshops

Join popular cook, TV presenters and social influencers to create a bespoke video that will teach your team cooking 101s and simple easy to follow recipes. To add the element of competition encourage your team to submit photos of their finished dish and the winner will be judged by a celebrity chef. 


15. Virtual comedy club

Think ‘Live as the Apollo’ but tailored for your business. Using a range of comedy acts selected by you, we’ll create a virtual comedy club to lift your teams’ spirits. From headliner to MCs and supports acts we’ve got it covered. The number of comedians and the length of the performance is up to you. 


16. Virtual juggling workshops

Using household objects such as oranges, tennis balls, apples...our juggling superstar can teach your team step by step how to juggle! Starting with simple tricks and techniques he will make this more and more challenging as the workshop progresses. Bursting with charisma, energy and comedy, this fun team building activity will get your team away from their desk and smiling.




20 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2020

17. Virtual life drawing workshops

Just like any other life drawing class but held virtually! Guests will be taught the basics of life drawing techniques in this interesting workshop. The drawing subject can be a human model or anything your team have around the house. This team activity is a great way to challenge perspective and spark creativity.


18. Virtual yoga experiences

Available for all skill levels, online workshops will allow your team to feel the transformative power of yoga, from the comfort of their home. Perfect for a morning power session to energise before work or as relaxation at the end of the day. Don’t think you’re flexible enough? That’s exactly why you should take part!


19. Dog Yoga Experience aka DOGA

This is perfect for a team who love dogs. Doga is yoga that you can practice with your furry friend, and don't worry if there are members of your team who don't have a dog they can still join in. Our Doga teacher has appeared on the global stage in popular shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and ITV’s This Morning.  Unwind and destress with this fun twist on a usual yoga workshop. 


20. Virtual haka workshops

Haka is known for energising and inspiring some of the worlds leading teams. Our Haka performers will boost team morale in this fun interactive virtual workshop. Learn haka moves as well as the meaning behind them, at the end of the workshop your team will come together to perform a full haka routine.



Working remotely doesn’t mean the end of workplace structure, it just takes a little more thought and coordination. Just because the location might be a little different it doesn’t mean the goals of your team building session need to change. With the right team activities, you will have no difficulty making sure communication is strong and motivation is high.

Want to find some more way you can engage your clients and colleagues remotely? Check out: 10 Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Zoom Meeting








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