150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

The fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland has charmed children and adults alike for the last 150 years. From rabbit holes and smiling Cheshire cats to Mad Hatters and talking caterpillars, Lewis Carroll’s timeless story is considered to be one of the best examples of fantasy literature ever written. As popular today as it ever has been, the story has influenced and inspired generations who have brought Alice and her curious companions back to life, creating a world, which truly has taken on a life of its own.  

To commemorate the 150th anniversary, we thought we would share with you the fabulous array of Alice style entertainment that Scarlett Entertainment has to offer for your next Mad Hatter's Tea Party or Wonderland themed event...

150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Mad as a Hatter


Centering around the famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, these fantastic London based Alice in Wonderland characters look like they have stepped straight out of the pages of Lewis Carroll’s beloved novel. Guaranteed to give your event a truly fantastical element, the living installation will captivate guests of all ages as they interact with pockets full of oddities, great humour and unbelievable costumes.  Each of the talented performers can also offer an additional sideshow, with a contortionist performance from the Knave, a fire dance from the Red Queen, a circus show from the Mad Hatter, and a musical act from the White Rabbit!


150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Based in the UK, the Mad Hatter’s Circus puts a different twist on Alice and her adventures as the Mad Hatter leads the way in a series of incredible cirque style acts! Introducing the characters one by one, the Mad Hatter makes them audition for their special place at his tea party by demonstrating a series of incredible circus acts. The show is highly entertaining and includes audience participation, theatrical comedy and a multitude of circus skills that guarantee to take Alice and her companions to curious new heights. Depending on event requirements, the family-friendly show can be performed as a standard cirque-style show or as an aerial show.


150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

“I’m Late I’m Late, for a very important date…” Desperate to find the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, this dashing White Rabbit guarantees to add interactive fun and magical moments to your event. Based in the UK, the fabulously skittish walkabout character is also available on roller-skates, as he dips and dives between your guests mingling and showing off the odd impromptu magic trick, which includes a fire-eating carrot routine and pouring tea through his nose! Frightfully unusual, he is guaranteed to liven up and add a little wonder to your event.


150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Down the Rabbit hole


Prepare to be taken on a trip down the rabbit hole for a rather curious adventure with this whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed show. Combining visually stunning costumes, intricate detailing and exceptional characters, they create a real-time story that the audience can become a part of. Families and children can play croquet with The Queen of Hearts, hear The Caterpillar tell his nonsense stories and even help Alice find the White Rabbit! Depending on event requirements, each performance can take numerous forms, from longer interactive shows through to short stage shows filled with entertaining slapstick humour, they are appropriate for audiences of all nationalities and ages.


150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Guaranteed to make even the most serious guests laugh and play along, our stilt walking Queen of Hearts character based in the UK, is the perfect addition to any Alice in Wonderland themed event. Demanding to know why your guests are invading ‘her’ party, she comes complete with a novelty 10-foot axe and a bouncing White Rabbit by her side. Completing the hilarious line-up, the Mad Hatter wobbles around on a unicycle, whilst Alice is followed by a set of acrobatic playing cards. Bringing each character to life in the most incredible way, the professional circus performers ensure that you and your guests are provided with the perfect fairy-tale themed entertainment.


Wonderland on Ice


Offering viewers a new perspective on Alice and her adventures, Alice in Wonderland on Ice is an amazing family performance that takes spectators deep into the well-known fantasy world full of curious characters and magic happenings. Based in Russia, the Wonderland themed ice show is well enhanced with modern technology, stunning costumes, world-class choreography and music. Providing perfect entertainment, this beautiful international family show can be performed both inside and outside at a range of events.


For further Alice in Wonderland themed inspiration and entertainment ideas, get in contact with us info@scarlettentertainment.com.


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