13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

We’re here to get you excited for that long-awaited summer season and all it promises with a list of 13 incredible event themes that will make the wait even more worthwhile, as you plan the ultimate party of the season.

It may not feel like it but summer is coming, we can feel the tingling in our bones in anticipation of warm breezes and sun-kissed skin. Of course summer is the busiest season for events, with the promise of stunning outdoor locations, and the ease of dressing up without having to think about how you should style your thermal base layer.

Get your summer event planned and entertainment booked now, so that all you have to do is relax, sit back, and look forward to your corporate event, private party, or launch event in the summer months.

1) Masquerade Ball

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Exuding opulence and extravagance, having ‘Masquerade Ball’ as your event theme will add whimsy and intrigue to proceedings. Evoking images of forbidden mid-summer romance and the beautiful cityscapes of Italy, masquerade balls are perfect for heady summer nights.


Romantic and picturesque, this summer party theme is perfect for all kinds of events. You can easily recreate this theme with masked walkabout performers and stilt walkers, harlequin characters (one we particularly recommend is pictured, adorned with flowers providing the perfect tie in with summer), and of course music from a fantastic band. Formal dancing has always been a traditional part of masquerade balls, our celtic band have the perfect look and musical style to match this summer party theme!

2) Arabian Nights

A theme inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern and Asian stories and folktales written in Arabic during the Golden Age, Arabian Nights as a theme is exotic and rich in history. Offering party planners plenty of potential for both indoor and outdoor venues, as well as elaborate decor and colourful entertainment, Arabian Nights is great for all types of events.


Whether basing your event theme on a specific story like ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’ or ‘AliBaba and The Forty Thieves’, there’s a wealth of entertainment that can complete the experience for attendees. An exotic ballet show depicting one of Scheherazade's stories, Belly dancers, snake charmers, an Arabic music band or even a stilt walking camel and meerkat - all can be found within our Arabian Nights themed entertainment. Complete your event setting with vivid coloured drapes and gold ornaments.

3) Carnival

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Vibrant, exciting and full of energy, carnivals around the world are inspired by the brilliant colours of summer and the vitality of all life during these warmer months, so what better theme to choose for your summer party!


Creating a soundtrack with pounding bass lines, hip shaking rhythms, and infectious melodies is crucial for setting the tone for a carnival themed summer party. A samba band will do just the trick; what’s more they’ll also be able to roam about your venue - both inside and out - ensuring Latin rhythms pervade throughout. Of course it goes without saying that carnival dancers are a must, and you can decorate your event space with larger-than-life props to provide the perfect photo backdrop. You could even offer guests a carnival / samba themed workshop.

4) Enchanted Garden

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

A timeless theme for summer events, an ‘Enchanted Garden’ look can be effortlessly achieved whether you have outdoor space to work with or not.


It’s all about the visual effect when it comes to creating the perfect setting for an Enchanted Themed party - decor and entertainer’s costumes must be carefully considered - fake foliage and trees do wonders here, as do fairy lights and candles. Many roaming circus acts, including walkabout forest creatures and Midsummer Night's dream inspired characters, have incredibly elaborate costumes that perfectly fit this theme, whilst this alcoholic fountain will provide the imposing ‘water’ feature every enchanted garden needs.


Check out more ideas for this theme here.

5) Festival

One of our favourite summer party themes, nothing says summer like festivals - whether it’s Glastonbury in the UK, Coachella in the US, or Monegros Desert Festival in Spain, all conjure images of a quintessential summer.


You can model your event on your favourite festival or create your own! All you need is a line-up of great musical acts to recreate that famous festival summer vibe at your venue, combining local acts with this festival style covers band and the all-girl Folk Pop Foxes. Of course festivals are just as famous for their unique flags, delicious mobile catering options (look at this amazing London bus style bar!) and walkabout entertainers as they are for their music line-ups.  

6) Tropical Beach

If you don’t have a beach side setting, don’t worry the beach can come to you. Our incredible team of designers can provide a custom backdrop featuring blue skies, palm trees and azure water to bring the tropics to you. If you're already on location, this real mermaid performer can perform in the sea, whilst sand sculptors can create designs in the sand!


If that wasn’t enough how about some giant light up letters to create that beach club feel and direct attendees to the bar! Entertainment should come from some traditional island dancers and fire performers, as well as a beach style band for the evening, whilst catering should include edible fruit carvings and exotic cocktails, of course.

7) Circus

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

The circus usually comes to town in the summer, so this is a perfect event theme for your summer event… as long as the locals don’t mistake it for the real circus and gate-crash your party!


So much can be done with this theme, hire a tent and choose from your choice of circus entertainers! Whether it’s stilt walkers, acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, side show performers or a combination of them all. You can even hire entire circus shows that are ready to go! Bring excitement and colour to your event with this classic summer event theme. 

8) Mad Hatter's Tea Party

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

This summer why not host your own Mad Hatters Tea Party? A theme that never goes out of favour, it lends itself perfectly to the magical feel of hot summer evenings.


Lead your guests down the rabbit hole with eclectic event decor and a mismatch of patterns and colours, topped off with realistic walkabout characters to create the perfect ambiance. You can have these characters hold an elaborate treasure hunt to keep guests entertained, or even perform a mini sketch from Lewis Carroll’s much loved story. After dinner a magical Alice in Wonderland theme sand story can lead guests into the evening, before a killer band takes the stage.

9) Nordic

It seems that this winter has been all about hygge, so why not continue with this Scandinavian theme into the summer… after all Scandinavia is the land of the midnight sun!


Scandinavian style is all about minimalism and an almost monotone colour palette, so this is the first thing to consider when deciding on your colour scheme and dress code. In Norway during the summer most people head to their lake houses so having some nautical themed entertainment like Beach Patrol Stilt Walkers would be perfect. In terms of catering marinated, smoked and salted meat and fish are traditional in Scandinavia, as is making the most of seasonal fruits and vegetables, so keep this in mind when devising your menu. Complete the theme with a Nordic folk musician playing the Nyckelharpa or a full folk band.

10) Greenery

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Pantone’s colour of the year is always eagerly anticipated by designers from all industries. For 2017 it’s ‘Greenery’, inspired by nature and the great outdoors and represents minimalism, making it the perfect theme for your summer event!


As well as offering a great tie in for outdoor event venues and the lovely Hedge People, ‘Greenery’ is also the perfect theme for companies (and individuals) that employee a ‘go-green’ attitude and want to reflect this in all their events. Make it your event colour scheme and roll with it.

11) Summer Camp

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Summer camp is all about getting together with friends and making the most of the beautiful weather with activities that take advantage of the great outdoors.


This is a really playful summer event theme and calls for a really easy dress code - shorts and t-shirts will do! Why not set up a range of mini games for guests to have a go at playing: a basketball hoop, hopscotch, bowling… or if you’d like to add an element of outdoor team building choose a venue that can cater to archery lessons or even off-road buggies! Ensure that you’ve got an ice cream cart on call for when the frivolities get a bit too much.

12) Jungle

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

So much can be done with a jungle themed party, and it’s a must for those that love an excuse to devise an elaborate costume!


There are plenty of entertainment options to choose from, including animal themed walkabout characters and photo booths with themed props. You could even have a face painting station set up so that guests can have themselves transformed into any jungle dwelling animal they desire! Décor should take the form of brilliant blooming flowers and giant banana and elephant ear plants.

13) Summer of 1970

13 Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Think retro-chic, beside the pool under the blazing Californian sun!


This is an incredibly fun summer party theme packed with vibrant colours and patterns and is a great excuse for a touch of nostalgia. Hire an exclusive party band playing from a setlist of songs curated from the 1970s, so that guests can dance the day away and slip effortlessly into the evening with a G and T or martini in hand - provided by our mobile gin bar.


Our walkabout characters with disco ball heads will provide a fun touch of glitz to your event - and let’s be honest it’s not a 1970s themed party without a disco ball somewhere. They will dance with your guests, pose for photos, and are guaranteed to get everyone talking.

Get Your Summer Party Entertainment Booked Now

We hope that we’ve inspired you with this selection of versatile summer event themes, which can just as easily work for corporate summer parties, as they can for beach club openings and private parties.


If you’d like to discuss any of these event themes in more depth, or any additional themes for summer events, with one of our entertainment coordinators, just get in touch via our online enquiry form or by calling us on 01626 572072.


We have thousands of acts that can customise their performances to fit in with almost any theme based in locations all around the world, so wherever you are, and whatever your theme we will be able to find something perfect for your event.

__By Alanna Bestwick

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