Unique Ideas For Your Themed Party

Unique Ideas For Your Themed Party


A list of unique theme ideas for parties, events and other special occasions

As a global destination entertainment agency specialising in a range of events – from corporate functions to birthday parties – Scarlett Entertainment’s team are frequently asked for unique ideas for themes.  Themes are popular for parties and other functions, and will often influence the music, décor, food and even attire of an event. 

Introducing a theme to any event can often make it more interesting for guests or it could be to celebrate an annual holiday or certain date in the calendar (Halloween, Christmas).  Holding a themed event can also make it easier from an event planners point of view, as it limits the décor, music, food and drink choices.

To help event planners and party organisers, we have come up with a list of unique and fun ideas for themes.  Including suggestions for the event!

Theme:  Pirates

Description and reasons to choose:  Pirates is an old favourite when it comes to party themes.  Recently its popularity for events is down to the success of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film franchise.  Reasons to choose pirates as an event theme include its enduring popularity, its appeal to families and the relative ease of costume design and purchase.
Attire:  Plenty of eye patches, peg legs, bandanas, hooks, torn shirts/shorts and facial hair!! 
Food: Seafood galore!! 
Decor:  Skull and cross bones flags, blue lighting, props could include parrots, sails, ships wheels, treasure chests, ships mast, fishing nets.  A pirate’s party colour scheme – red, black and white.
Entertainment:  Captain Jack Sparrow or Hook look-a-like, ‘Pirate Spectacular’ after-dinner show, sea shanty folk band or pirate meet-and-greet personalities.

Theme:  Roaring 20s/ Cotton Club/ Prohibition Party

Description and reasons to choose:  The 1920s was an exciting era, a time of speakeasys, prohibition and gangsters.  This event theme is growing in popularity due to the very distinct music, dancing and clothing of the 1920s.  This themed is suited to an adults only event!                               
Attire: (F) Long pearl necklaces, feather boas, fringe dresses and headbands.  (M) Wing tip shoes, zoot suits, black or white ties on black shirt, spats, fedoras and gangster hats.
Food: Popular drinks during the 1920s include champagne punch, gin or mint julep (just bourbon, mint, sugar and water).  Authentic food would include chocolate covered cherries, fudge, devilled eggs and cabbage rolls (with ground beef, rice, and some seasoning). Another favourite could include ribs with barbeque sauce (ketchup, cider vinegar, Tabasco sauce and strong spices such as cayenne and chilli powder).
Decor:  Colour scheme – black and white.  Crystal chandeliers and Art Deco inspired props/backdrops.  Oriental lanterns, shabby chic brown leather sofas, Tiffany light stands, gaming tables and a wood panelled drinks bar. 
Entertainment:  Gangster doormen, flapper dancers, Charleston dancers, 1920s jazz band, Al Capone look-a-like and swing band.  In keeping with the theme, give your guests a password to enter the venue!

Theme:  1950s theme

Description and reasons to choose:  This theme gives guests the chance to get up on the dance floor and strut their stuff with the jive or twist!  A family friendly event theme, this era has music which is recognisable by many generations, as well as being upbeat and fun!                                         
Attire: (F) Poodle skirts, pony tails, saddle shoes and bobbie socks.  (M)  Leather jackets, jeans, white t-shirts and slicked back hair.
Food:  Fries and cheeseburgers, coke floats, milkshakes and hotdogs.
Decor:  Red, white and black colour scheme.  Soda fountains, jukebox, seating booths, ten pin bowling alley, black & white prints of 50s movie stars (Marilyn, Cary Grant, Paul Newman etc). 
Entertainment:  Grease tribute show, jive dancers, roller-skating waitresses, Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Lee Lewis or Elvis look-a-like/ tribute or a rock ‘n’ roll band!

Theme:  Diamonds Are Forever/ James Bond themed party

Description and reasons to choose:  This is a very glitzy event and theme and gives organisers (and guests) the chance to go all out!!  James Bond is a classic party theme with enduring popularity, thanks to all the glamour and the chance to dress up!  This themes is ideal for a posh corporate do, Christmas party or charity function.                                                                                    
Attire: (F) Plenty of diamonds, evening dresses and glamour!!  (M)  Tuxedos and dinner jackets.
Food: Martinis and champagne.  Oysters, Cavier, olives, canapés and posh finger foods!         
Decor:  Lots of glitz and glamour is needed for a James Bond themed event.  Why not include a casino table, crystal chandeliers and ice sculptures for starters?                                        
Entertainment:  Electric string quartet, James Bond look-alike (choose from Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore), casino tables, glamorous meet-and-greet bond girls or a swing band.

Theme:  Famous Dead People/‘Dead Famous’.

Description and reasons to choose:  This is the perfect theme for a Halloween inspired party!!  A good choice for event organisers or party hosts who want their guests to use their imagination;  the choice of character/costumes is HUGE!                                                                            
Attire:  Dress as your favourite dead personality from Marilyn Monroe to Julius Caesar!
Food:  Gruesome Halloween themed food, including anything you can make look like body-parts (eyeballs, fingers etc)!!!  Other ideas include naming cocktails after dead celebrities or you could try out some of the recipes from Frank DeCaro’s “The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes From More Than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen”.                                                                 
Decor:  Movie posters/prints of deceased stars and celebrities.  Props could include gravestones, skeletons, gateway to Heaven (as the entrance), golden and white stars and perhaps those looking to push the boat out could also include ice sculptures of famous dead people!                               
Entertainment:  Famous dead tributes: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin, Michael Jackson and John Lennon. Look-a-likes/Meet-and-greets could include former US presidents, Marilyn Monroe and other personalities!

Theme:  Venetian Ball/Masquerade party

Description and reasons to choose:  This theme is perfect for those looking for the ultimate in decadence!!   An extremely lavish theme for any event, it is ideal for Christmas parties, corporate functions or private parties!!  A popular option as it transports guests to an era so completely different to the modern day….very dramatic!!                                                                                                       
Attire: (F) Ball gowns, period wigs, extravagant gowns with puffy sleeves, wide bustles and tight fitting corsets.  (M)  Venetian men commonly wore robes and tights with a high white collar, wigs or hats.  And of course Venetian masks!!!
Food:  As well as champagne, food needs to have an Italian theme.  How about serving antipasti, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella etc?
Decor:  Use decor that reflects the classic old world style of Italy’s Venice (think nude sculptures, pillars, balustrades, candelabra and urns), as well as plenty of velvet drapes, roses and candles!!!  Black and white flooring would also fit in with this theme.
Entertainment:  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ tribute singers, classical string quartets (wearing masks), ballroom music (waltz, tango, foxtrot etc), masked living statues, Venetian stilt walkers and stylish opera singers.

Theme:  French Revolution/ Parisian/ Bastille Day

Description and reasons to choose:  This is the ideal event theme for any time of the year, but particularly around the time of Bastille Day (14th July) or in order to celebrate all things French!!!
Attire:  Take your inspiration from famous French people from this era; Marie-Antoinette or Napoleon!! 
Food:  Crepes and other French favourites like cheeses, pates, baguettes, crème brulee, apple tarts and of course, Champagne!!!
Decor:  Colour theme; red, blue and white!!  Props could include French flags, the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triumph and candelabra.                               
Entertainment:  Parisian Spectacular after-dinner show, traditional French folk music, accordion players or a tribute to Les Miserable.

Theme:   Best of British

Description and reasons to choose:  Celebrate all things British, with a best of British themed party.  This theme gives guests plenty of choice, and the chance to use their imagination, when it comes to costumes!                                                                
Attire:  Go as your favourite British personality; Del Boy, the Queen, Jane Austen, the Spice Girls, The Beatles, British bobby etc etc!!!!
Food:  British cuisine includes Fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, sausage and mash, an assortment of meat pies and pasties etc!!!!  Plus, for drinks, you could include a selection of British ales and ciders!
Decor:  Colour theme:  red, white and blue.  Props to include Union Jack Flags,                                
Entertainment:  Beatles tribute, Spice Girls tribute, Rolling Stones tribute, David Beckham/ Simon Cowell/ Gordon Ramsey look-a-likes, classical singer to perform favourite patriotic hyms, Brit-Pop tribute bands (Oasis/Blur), Morris dancers or British folk musicians.

Theme:  Caribbean Flavour

Description and reasons to choose:  A colourful and relaxing theme that is sure to appeal to those wishing to hold an outside event in the summer (or to those wishing to enjoy a bit of summer indoors during the winter months!!).                                                                                  
Attire:  Grass skirts, flower garlands, Bermuda shorts, bikinis, Hawaiian shirts, flip-flops, sandals and beach wear!
Food:  Rum and plenty of fancy cocktails that come with pieces of exotic fruit and umbrellas.  To eat; coconuts, pineapples, seafood, barbeque food,
Decor:  Props; beach huts, palm trees, surfboards, parasols, seashells, sunset backdrops and a surf simulator!  Colour scheme to include yellow, blue, pink and purple.                                 
Entertainment:  Steel band, limbo dancers, latin musicians, hula girls to meet-and-greet and entertain.

Theme:  Blitz/ Wartime/ 1940s

Description and reasons to choose:  This was an era during which everyone pulled together, and still evokes a sense of patriotism and national pride.  A wartime theme is the ideal option when celebrating a UK holiday (D-Day anniversary, Queen’s jubilee etc).  With well known music, clothing etc this theme is a favourite for private parties and corporate functions.                                             
Attire: (M) 1930/40’s soldier uniform, overalls, gas mask box (F) Cigarette glamour girls outfits, WVS uniform, nurses uniforms, 1940s style dress.
Food:  Ration cards could be used as menus to include traditional meals from the era; bread pudding, corned beef fritters, shortbread, stew, cauliflower cheese, pancakes, spam hash etc!!
Decor:  Prop ideas; wartime posters (‘Your Country Needs You’/’Dig for Victory’ etc), sandbags, taped windows, fake barbed wire, bunting and flags, red phone boxes, gramophones, old leather suitcases and Jerry cans.  For lighting, could use searchlights!                          
Entertainment:  Vera Lynn tribute, big band/ Glenn Miller band, swing dancers, Andrew Sisters style tribute, jitterbugging dancers and knees up sing-a-long musicians.


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