Team Building in Asia: An Interview with Team Building Asia's Stuart Harris

Team Building in Asia: An Interview with Team Building Asia's Stuart Harris

Asia is experiencing the biggest growth in the events industry, and with Team Building activities growing in popularity in the region, we decided to talk to the people behind Team Building Asia. With a reputation for being one of the most innovative team building groups in the Asia-Pacific Region, they have worked with over 95,500 participants at more than 1,500 events. We spoke to Team Building Asia's co-founder and managing director to find out more about what it is they offer corporate events....

Tell us a bit about ‘Team Building Asia’ and what you do.

We have a large variety of experiential training programmes. For intensive classroom style training, psychological testing and assessments take a look at Training & Development. For larger scale, fun, experiential indoor and outdoor programmes take a look at Event Based Team Building.

What is your mission?

To deliver the most relevant, custom-made team building solutions in Asia Pacific.

Do you see any major differences in what your different locations (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore) have to offer in terms of team building activities?

Our events can be delivered in any location and our focus is on that, conference-based events; in each location there are many “local” experiences such as Dragon Boating, Cooking, Sailing.

What are the different types of team building activities on offer?

We offer several different types of team building activities: business simulations which explore the fundamentals of strategic and customer relationship management; competitive team bonding experiences; ice breakers and energizing activities to motivate audiences and create a positive atmosphere; musical workshops; creative activities including video-work, creative artwork and fashion; innovation and invention; business simulations that explore the fundamentals of strategic and customer relationship management; and sessions that take delegates on an exploration of their city uniting the team while reinforcing key corporate messages.

What elements do you think make for the most effective team building activities?

Ensuring the right event has been selected for the clients objectives, also the right level of debriefing as something it is not necessary depending on the clients objectives and needs.

Are you able to create bespoke team building activities for clients?

All of our events are off the self and we customise the content and messaging for every event, this way our business model is scalable and affordable for clients. Many activities like ‘The Big Picture’ and ‘Making The News’ are bespoke to the client messaging.

Could you give us an example of a favourite event / activity that you have organised for a client?

My favourite event is Flat Out Afloat where teams build boats out of cardboard then take them on the water and race, the largest event we did was for 500+ people for Bosch in Phuket.

Have you and your company taken part in any of your own team building activities? If yes did you enjoy it?


We run many events for our team over the year, anything from beach games to bowling and of course dry run all of our activities.


Out of your Hong Kong based team building activities on our website which are your top three and why?


Flat Out F1 – This is where the teams build a life sized F1 car from cardboard and race them, a favourite as the teams need to work hard to complete the challenge and the success rate is very high, the race part of the event always creates a top buzz for the participants.


The Big Picture - This is a one of our top sellers, the art work that is bespoke to the client aims and objectives before the event then the teams recreate this on the day of the event. The unveiling of the picture truly shows how well the teams have completed the project, this artwork is then installed into the clients office for years to come, and when we visit them for the next event they are always proud to show this off.


Crescendo - When we tell the client that the team can play the violin with 60 minutes they never believe this, then on the day taking the teams through the experience and the various layers of the activity to succeed is memorable for all.


__By Beki Polding

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