LED and UV Shows: What’s To Know?

LED and UV Shows: What’s To Know?

There are few forms of modern entertainment that are as continuously growing in popularity than LED and UV shows. LED entertainment, in particular, is hugely successful at making an impact at events around the world. LED and glow performers require minimal lighting or complete darkness to perform their act and to have their costumes or props truly stand out. The fact that the act, and sometimes the audience, is plunged into darkness means that all attention gravitates towards performers and is generally more attention grabbing than many other forms of entertainment. 

It goes without saying that LED and UV shows are fun and interesting for all audience types as well as being an exciting experience but they are also very useful and powerful business tools. With an audience fully engaged in the performance, it is a brilliant opportunity to use that moment to work to your advantage and it is why LED and UV shows are often used for brand awareness campaigns or product launches. LED entertainment is a state of the art type of entertainment that can often be customised for specific events with tailored colour schemes and actually digital displaying of logos and UV props can be used in all manner of ways. 

UV or LED show? Why chose one over the other? Is there a difference? The fact, is LED and glow performers or UV performers are actually very different things, both of which result in a high impact form of entertainment. It is important to differentiate between the two in order to make sure you are booking the right kind of act for your event.

What is an LED show and what are the different types

LED and UV Shows: What’s To Know?

An LED show uses LED otherwise known as Light-Emitting Diode which is a type of highly versatile and controllable lighting. Evolving technology has led to LED lighting becoming light, programable and able to operate away from mains power sources. The lights can be sewn into costumes, attached to musical instruments or juggling props and used in many creative ways. LED shows vary in length but usually orientate around more than one performers in a blacked out environment delivering a choreographed or pre-planned routine. This can either be in the form of a dance, live performance, circus act or contemporary visual display.


LED shows work best in dark environments or locations where there can be little or no lighting. Dance routines and live performances are ideal for venues with a stage area where the lighting can be turned off and guests receive the full impact of the show. It is worth bearing in mind that LED shows are very versatile though and with the lights being controlled by batteries means that really the act can actually take place anywhere from outdoors to roaming to dinner parties. The important thing to remember is - the more natural light, the less of an impact the LED show will have.


LED entertainment comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. One of the most popular options is LED dancers. Lights are sewn into costumes in various configurations and can be preprogrammed into a sequence fitting to a piece of music. LED dancers are often associated with the 1982 and 2010 Tron films however, the range of LED dancers is far more diverse than this with everything from the visually stunning LED Butterflies from Prague to our London-based Illuminated LED Ribbon Dance.


Dancing aside, LED Entertainment also encompasses music too where musicians or groups have LED lighting about their persons or, and in their instruments. These range from bands performing with LED instrumentation to walkabout artists in intriguing costumes. LED shows can also include circus acts like juggling, aerial acrobatics, pixel poi, hula hoops and other LED props.

How can an LED show work for me?

LED entertainment is at the forefront of technology and frequently booked for corporate events, conventions and product launches. The programmable lighting of and LED show means the performers can tailor their routine to a specific colour scheme and, in cases like the video above, even include company graphics into the routine. In terms of customisability, pixel poi is incredibly popular for incorporating logos and branding or simply creating dazzling colourful lighting displays. An LED show is a very popular choice for technology conventions and high tech gadget events as it adds to the perception of being cutting edge.

​What is an UV show and what are the different types

Glow and UV shows as opposed to their contemporaries, LED shows, are not controllable. Performers use Neon or UV paint on their costumes and props, or actual neon costumes, which react when under certain lighting and give off a glow-in-the-dark effect. The advantages of using neon paint for a UV show means the performers can have more areas covered which therefore creates more definition. Colour schemes can be wild and varied or tailored towards a singular colour or specific patterns. Neon shows are limited to where they can have blacklight or UV light shone on them, otherwise the costumes and props will not glow. This is worth considering if you’re looking for outdoor entertainment.


LED and Glow performers are available as dance acts in pretty much equal amounts however neon based dance acts are generally more diverse. Where LED dancers are often robotic in appearance, dancers in UV shows are more organic and fanciful. This UV Dance Show is intricate due to its diverse neon patterns and colours whereas, the Toxic Neon Show is visually captivating due to its use of a single colour. Neon shows can also include juggling, acrobatics and much more.

How can a UV show work for me?

LED and UV Shows: What’s To Know?

Not only do the performers work with UV costumes but they also use neon paint that reacts in the same way. Using paint means they can recreate pretty much any image you like from company logos to iconic characters and famous landmarks, which can then be included in the UV show. It is easier to incorporate any type of prop into a UV show than it is and LED show as it might simply be a case of painting, for example, a mobile phone with neon paint. Another advantage of booking a UV show is that Neon or UV paint could even be included into the stage decor to add more dazzle to the routine.

LED and UV Shows combined

LED and UV Shows: What’s To Know?

You can double the fun and maximise the impact if you book an act that has both UV and LED combined. For example, our Slovakia-based UV Stage Show has both LED and glow performers and they create a dazzling, visually captivating show. The amazing neon costumed performers look for futuristic and elegant whilst operating all manner of LED props, some of which can but customised to include branding or logos. Often when an act has both UV and LED involved they blur the lines between both and it is sometimes hard to differentiate between them, like with this Blacklight Show, it is a completely spellbinding colourful show and a guaranteed attention grabber.


There is no underestimating the power, impact and customisability of UV and LED entertainment. We hope this article gave you a little insight into each one of the options, answered any questions or doubts and has given you a clear indication of the possibilities. If you want to take your event entertainment to a whole other level you might want to consider 3D video mapping. At Scarlett Entertainment we have so many LED and UV show options meaning that whatever you are after for your event, we’re almost certainly going to have it. If we don’t, we will find it. If you’re in need of any inspiration or recommendations, get in touch with our entertainment coordinators who will be more than happy to help.

__By Tom Drakett

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